My Second Post of "1UP" Community...!

Good afternoon to all members on 1UP community!

This is my second post on this community and my trying post on here.
I would like to share you about ONEUP Token Staking.

I heard about ONEUP Token p
one month ago.
I heard and saw ONEUP Token by learning and reading of Blockchain Gaming Post.
I found ONEUP Token from some of my friend's post especially from their game.

After that I used also my game post.It is using #oneup tag of your game post or nft.I means Splinterlands and Rising Star and dCity game as others game post.

So I am so interesting ONEUP Token and used all of my game posts to get ONEUP Token rewards.

I go and visit to daily.I look and check Hive engine tokens which token prices are higher on the market.And then I look for token rewards.

Yesterday,I saw my ONEUP Token rewards.I had over 240 ONEUP Token on my balance.
So I wanted to stake ONEUP Token.
After checkecking my Hive engine Token,I staked 200 ONEUP Token rewards.

I had already 200 ONEUP power before.
This time I staked 200 Token again.
Now my ONEUP Token total power is 400.You can see my ONEUP power on my wallet screenshot photo.

I am so happy about staking and using ONEUP Token for my game post.
I must try and write about ONEUP Token by using 1UP community.

I like and love ONEUP Token because of using tag is easily on game post and token reward is a good condition.
And also market price is a good and stable.

I hope more power and more rewards ONEUP Token on future!
I saw your ONEUP Token Giveaway programme, Diesel Pool and About Delegation.
But I didn't do that because I am a little busy with my job.Maybe free in soon and I must do about all of these.

I love so much ONEUP Token and instructions of token.
I guess ONEUP Token must be one of the best Token in future.

Now is starting a blockchain gaming age!
ONEUP Token is communicating to Game and NFTs. It is really nice idea.
That is the point of growing up Token on future.

Thank you so much for reading my post.

Good luck!
25.11.2021 (15:00)pm

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