Splinterlands Land Plot giveaway UPDATE good news for non subscribers!

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Splinternews is a project by @solymi and the hub for his twitch stream.
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Yes this is real, @solymi is holding 102 plots of land you can confirm that on chain!
One of these plots will be given away to a subscriber when my twitch channel reaches 1k followers and a minimum of 50 subscribers. This is the minimum threshold to trigger the 1k follower party! Scroll back up and click on the LINK to follow my twitch!
Note: this giveaway is only for subscribers! You can determine yourself if it makes sense to subscribe to my channel or not... after all you could end up being a land owner.

If you don't know what this is about read the announcement post!
Read up on the potential loot you can grab in THIS POST



Yesterday I got a comment or better @solymi got a comment in Splinterlands discord:

This is not a giveaway this is a lottery

This is @solymi's answer: yes I am fishing for subs on twitch! You can decide if it is worth the "risk" spending a a few bucks and potentially win a big prize. Not to mention all the other prizes I will be giving away that could easily bring a ROI in form of NFTs or DEC or SPS

But also if you follow me on twitch you could be ending up with a gifted subscription as I did a few days ago. @zasktrader gifted me a subscription for Clove's stream. And I saw many other twitch players sending love and gifting subs all over the place.

So here is a small little update that gets added to the rules:

On each of the milestones heading to the 1 k follower party I will be gifting a subscription to one of my followers! If you are still subscribed when we hit the goal for the 1k follower party you will be eligible to win the land plot if you are lucky.


To win the plot of land you have to:

  • subscribe to my channel the earlier you subscribe the better only subscribers will be able to win!
  • early subs who come in before I hit 200 followers will have 3 tickets
  • subscribers who sub before I hit 500 followers will have 2 tickets
  • everyone else is going to have one single ticket
  • follow splinternews on hive
  • if you are subscribed to my twitch and I pick you as winner but you are not following splinternews I will pick a new winner!
  • THE 1k FOLLOWER PARTY WILL BE ANNOUNCED after 1k followers are reached and i have 50 or more subscribers
  • if you are trying to cheat, do it! One registered account on twitch has to have one registered splinterlands account. Meaning you have to set your SL username, you can do that by using the !setname command in my stream
    !setname yoursplinterlandsname
    and are not allowed to change it! So yes you can cheat your way into it but it is going to cost you!
    I also will closely work together with @gank and other streamers of the #nosleepgang and anyone being on the blacklist (if you have been caught cheating in any streamers stream) will not be eligible to win! Period! If you are a cheater you will not win!
  • The rules can be modified by me as I see fit since this is my land and my giveaway! If I made any mistakes making these rules please do not use them against me but help me to make this a fair game!

- If you are not a subscriber, you can not win the land plot and the main legendary prizes, but you can still win a ton so stay with us! And as I just added to the rules you could be ending up being a subscriber by getting a gifted subscription! Also if you are not a subscriber but have an amazon prime membership I have good news for you: You have one free twitch subscription just choose the option to subscribe with prime!

What can you win?

Read up on the potential loot you can grab in THIS POST

Follow and subscribe to my TWITCH channel

Follow and subscribe to the members of the #nosleepgang click on the graffiti!


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