Milestone event NR1. – 200 followers twitch party!


Just 24 hours after my initial ANNOUNCEMENT of gifting a land PLOT claim to one of my subscribers my channel started to grow without me streaming. That was what I was hoping for. And I announce my 200 follower milestone event for tomorrow 15th of October 8pm UTC+1 (GMT +2)

I know that not all my viewers fit into this timezone but I ensure you if you are in my early subscriber list you will be able to win the special subscriber prizes if you get chosen.

Good times with @solymi on stream, we will chat, we will play and we will give away some sweet NFTs!

My current subscribers are all in the below 200 follower tier and if they are still subscribed when the 1k follower party kicks off they will have 3 tickets for the PLOT giveaway!

Here is a list of the twitch users who are subscribed and if they have set their name in my chat their Splinterlands in game names.

Username Subscribe Date
skynotik 2021-10-12T18:47:12 @skyn
hardcrashxyz 2021-10-13T20:59:21 @hardcrash
clayboyn 2021-10-14T07:38:56 @clayboyn
berencrypto 2021-10-13T20:56:15 @nadam12
spiritverve 2021-10-14T10:21:53 I do not have a splinterlands username oceanbeee 2021-10-13T23:19:57 @oceanbee
zasktrader 2021-10-14T04:26:46 @zasktrader
r_stader 2021-10-14T04:05:19 @stader
winty161 2021-10-13T21:10:41 @winty161
cmmndrgarlic 2021-10-14T08:42:32 @cmmndrbawang
untamedsarge 2021-10-12T18:47:55 @sgt-dan
failingforward101 2021-10-14T08:38:29 @failingforwards

If spiritverve reads this please make sure to set your name in my streamchat with the command: !setname yoursplinterlandsname

I want to say thank you to my early subscribers and there is still a few spots open till we hit that 200 follower mark and the 3 ticket tier closes. So hurry up!

Ok ok but what is the loot?

I am setting up 2 wheels for my giveaways one for followers and one for subscribers. I will use chatbot to enter you in the raffles. This ensures complete random luck.
I will announce when the queue is open and you will be able to join.

If you are a follower you can win any price from this wheel:


There is several prices in DEC and SPS on there as well as CROP tokens for Dcrops. You can win NFTs like this is BOB from vftlabs and the M4L (music for life)tribe:


There is also a cheap car on the wheel from the risingstar game


Faded monsuta halloween special promo card "Werebo" Bongin


you may notice there is a raven on the wheel. If you hit this you will be moved to the subscribers wheel:

Now this is a totally different story have a look yourself! Gold Foil Venari Heatsmith, GF Gargoya Lion, Epic Rising Star cards, Epic DCROPS Starter Set with Epic Land and 3 Seeds, more rare cards Faded Monsuta halloween edition, "The Ark Scientist" starter pack for Exode. And a Raybanana NFT that grants you 0,5 VOUCHER on the last day of the CL presale. VOUCHERS are backed by @solymi


I hope to catch as many of you on stream as possible! See you there peeps!


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