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I am the Account Manager for the Rising Star Game Account of the Oneup-Cartel, so this post is about my weekly progress on playing the game! The Oneup-Cartel is a very active gaming community on the Hive blockchain. 😄


Rising Star Game

Hey everyone! 😊
How are you doing?

I´m good! Had a nice weekend but still alot to do at the moment. That´s why my post is late again. Sorry! 😁 I hope you had a great weekend!


Rising Star is a P2E game on the Hive blockchain where you start as a lowly busker and work your way up to stardom. You can either invest money in to to speed up your progress - by buying cardpacks or cards from the ingame market - or also start playing without any investing any money. That´s what I really like about the game, that everyone has a chance to play and can make great progress. Not only the people who can invest money in it.

This game might not seem to be complicated at first glance, but it has alot of tactical elements to it, which - I can see that in the community - most people don´t really have a clue about. But to maximize your earnings (and I think the ROI of the game is really good), you need to understand and play these tactics.


Requirements for different missions

As I already said, I think it´s important to unlock all stages and missions as fast as possible. Because every of the 4 zones has a 5-minute mission, which gives you the biggest part of your income.

Apart from needing a higher level of course, there are some missions where you need to either buy certain cards or achieve certain things in order to complete them and be able to go to the next stage/mission.

The FAQ of Rising Star is still quite limited unfortunately. That´s why I thought it would be a good idea to list all of these, so you know which cards you need to buy to make progress and how much they will cost.

So here we go:

STAGE 1 - Home Town

You can complete all missions here without having a special card.
You only need to do the missions a certain amount of times to unlock the next mission.
When you did the last mission of stage 1 once, you unlock stage 2.

STAGE 2 -Local Gig Circuit

To be able to start the first mission here (Radio Interview) you need the card i6 Mid Range Acoustic. It is sold on the market by Rising Star itself for 7,500 Starbits (which is 2,25 Hive right now) or 5 Hive. But right now, alot of people are selling this card way cheaper. The cheapest one right now is 999 Starbits, which I think is quite cheap. So if you need this card soon, you should think about getting it.

General hint: Almost always buying cards for Starbits is cheaper than buying cards for Hive. But please always check yourself.

The other missions in stage 2 can be done without buying any other additional cards.

The last mission (Band Auditions) is a special one. Each time you do it, you have a 10% chance to unlock one band-member slot. You need to unlock all slots - there are 4 - to be able to move on to stage 3. So this can be quite annoying, depending on your luck!

I was very lucky and only had to do the mission about 11 times until I unlocked all slots. But I know friends who needed to do the mission more than 40 times to unlock all slots.

STAGE 3 - County Tour

This is a stage of Petrol Cans!

But before: For the first mission (Band Rehearsal) you need a rehearsal room. This can either be the card Cheap Rehearsal Room or First Rehearsal Room.

Cheap Rehearsal Room is available on the market for 25,000 Starbits, First Rehearsal Room is available for 10,000 Starbits.

For the second mission (Full Band Support) you need 5 Can of Petrol. You can buy these on the market for 5,000 Starbits or 2 Hive.

For the third mission (Full Band Headline) You now need 10 Can of Petrol.

Fro the sixth mission (County Tour) you now need 25 Can of Petrol.

The Can of Petrol cards are not gone after you made the mission of course. You will keep them. So it will be enough to buy 25 Can of Petrol in total to get through this stage.

The last mission (Manager Interview) Is a special one again. You need to unlock your manager slot. I think this one also has a 10% chance to unlock it.

Again, I was lucky. I needed 8 times to unlock it. But one of my friends needed to do this mission 28 times! The mission takes 300 minutes, so you might need to plan alot of time to get this done. 😄

STAGE 4 - Country Tour

This stage is full of things you need!

In order to do the first mission (Rap Battle) you need to have at least 2 Rapper cards and 1 Mid Range Mic.

The Mid Range Mic is listed on the market by Rising Star for 7,500 Starbits. But alot of people sell this card and the cheapest one right now is 959 Starbits.

For the two rapper cards you need, you can use many different ones. Of course the ones with RAP in their name, but there are also other ones which count.

If you bought some packs until you reach this mission (I hope you did by now 😄), you should already have these two cards and don´t need to worry about it.

For the second mission (Country Support Tour) you now need 40 Can of Petrol and 1 Touring Coach vehicle.

For the third mission (Country Festival Auditions) you need to have at least 4 Rare Instruments.

For the fifth mission (Band Rehearsal 2) you need 4 Epic Instruments and a Cheap Rehearsal Room.

For the sixth mission (Country Tour) You need 50 Can of Petrol and 2 Touring Coaches.

For the seventh mission (Country Festival) you need 1 Limo.

For the eighth mission (Hire a Road Crew) you need to have done at least 10 Road Crew Lessons.

I cannot really put down prices in here for the cards needed in stage 4, because there are many different cards fitting, and not only 1 specific card. But do a little bit of research to know how much it will cost you.

So you see, this is ALOT what you need! The earlier you save up Starbits for the required cards, the better it will be for making a fast and fluid progress during the stages, as this is important to maximize your earnings.

Coming back to the cartels account:

Ninth week of playing the account

Level reached: 37

Leaderboard Ranking: 1497

Highest Mission: Stage 2, Mission 3 (Shopping Mall)


This week, I saved up all my earnings to be able to do the special birthday mission to then get my birthday cake. This were 30,000 Starbits. and I am happy I got earned the Starbits and the card. 😊

I am now going back to save earnings for the millionairs card. I am pretty confident that I get the Million until I am level 50!

But therefore, I am not buying any cards or any packs right now. In my oppinion it´s much smarter to get the millionairs card first.

I don´t have much to tell about the account this week. Because I am just grinding.

So guys, I hope my post aroused some kind of interest in Rising Star and I hope to see you in the Rising Star Discord.

If you don´t know about the Oneup-Cartel yet, you should also join our Discord and hang out with us! We will be very happy to have you there!

Hope to see you soon guys and have a great day! 😊💜

Best regards,

Raven 🐦


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