Exodus of Seconds ~ time wasted or salvation?

I think every end of season, at least half the Splinterlands players probably consider just calling it quits. It really is simpler to just let a bot run your account given you still have the HODL fortitude.

For many, the majority, it would not benefit to pay for a bot account and renting too far above your level is also just throwing money away.

So through this I deduce the only difficulty curve in Splinterlands is the financial curve, and there are probably many games out there that wish they could achieve the same.

Just as our attention spans have shrunk I imagine actual accomplishments through skill alone will become a lot more scarce.

Is it still a game and not just a fancy shopping reward system though?

As you can imagine I am a bit pissy because I did not even get a pack in any of my daily rewards but my end of season rewards yielded no more than buying a $4 chaos legion pack to get the average of 60 cents returns in value.

Yes, I phrased it to sound bad, bite me.

So in summary of my rewards after 2 weeks or so, I make more from renting out my cards in a day, give or take.

Fair enough you win some you lose some, and if I were being technical and not a little nutbag blowing air I would account for the daily average of 20 cents to a dollar I make just playing.

Ok enough whinging.

Buying Land

I am looking at getting my land plot first so right now not buying a single card or pack and really just trying to stack as much as I can.

There are some cards I want to flip into higher summoners and partial to a land plot , just because I really do not like the idea of something active like a usable card completely paying for something passive and long term.

So generally I buy same for the same. I can use higher-level cards each day so a card can buy another card. I don't use my HBD or HIVE or earnings from staking and such activities everyday so they can buy things that sit around and don't do much.

That is the same reason I probably can't use HIVE for any kind of livelihood, crypto in general just works that way for me. The times I have used crypto outside it has always seemed a loss but I will not bore you by reiterating just how fragile I view crypto holdings.

For now I will just chill though, I could pull in a few of my card delegations but after considering that I just can't be arsed since it will take time to go through everything , decide what to sell and buy... Urrrgh it takes so much time.

So just like how I am only doing the guitar lesson on RisingStar to gain levels the quickest way possible. I will keep grinding my daily and try spot some minimum effort opportunities in Splinterlands and re-evaluate later.

Farming Options

For the most part, I do not have any liquidity in many places that matter anymore. For one thing, reasons are reasons but I am happy I did sell my Cub tokens when I sold, I am still bummed about selling my 20 Sol I had a bit too early but really it is no biggy.

For now I mainly add some liquidity to the pools on Beeswap (Hive-engine) and although it is not the best in any way other than the convenience it does keep any assets close to home.

So this part was more a reminder to me to start looking towards diversifying again, with so much of my funds locked up in NFT assets, albeit Splinterlands is a lot more liquid the other - Rune, cannot be recovered until they finish development on the second phase or whichever phase they happen to be.

Again a win really for Splinterlands in the current space but this egg does not feel like being lured into the basket although my yolk be sitting cozy.

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