Splinterlands giveaway + rasing star (11/3/22)

Today's splinterlands giveaway will be two rar monsters from different element , also there will be a rar card from rasing star .


So the first splinterlands card will be ...

       "  Portal spinner "


      "Dhampir stalker"


So for to enter the giveaway you have to choose one of those two card and comment the name of the card also comment your splinterland username if its not the same as hiveblog . (Upvot and shear not necessary but its will be a great support so i can make more giveaways) .

And for rasing star giveaway its will be also a rar card



And if you play rasing star and u want to be part of giveaways all you have to do is to put in your early comment a symbol "+" .

The winners will be decided today (11/3) at 23:40 GTM by luck(wheel).

Remember the roles:
*Comment the splinterlands card that u want from those two (only one )
*and for rasing star put symbol "+" with your comment

  • upvot reblog gift not necessary put good for support .


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