New day, new game..and the air still heavy 🙃


Hi everyone! I am happy to meet ''1UP'' and write my first post here. So, for this first post, I decided to share with you a bit of ''Maylenasland in Splinterlands'' 😁

So, at first, it was difficult to understand the game, I even decided to quit. When I realised how to play, I couldn't hold myself to play more and more.

I really enjoy Splinterlands now. You discover something new daily in the game, in the quest, in the cards, in the events, in the community, etc. So, you can't be bored.

I like Gaming for relaxing reasons and I have tried some games in the Hive Blockchain, but I finally decided to stick with Splinterlands.

And that was a great decision from many points of view.

So, 1UP for Splinterlands!

Have a great start of the week!


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