♥ Metafrens Tournament 28th April 2022 (4) V.S Namelessnameless

Metafrens Splinterland Tournament

Welcome to Koodies Metafrens tournament post 4, whereby I try to challenge myself to write a post to understand more about splinterland tactics and sprinkle the wonders of splinterland to all my readers! Game On ~

@namelessnameless Battle Link: https://splinterlands.com/?p=battle&id=sm_lPTj1j32RRTBHcKvcHGM&ref=koodies


SplinterMana CostPositionReason
Thaddius Brood4SummonerPlanned to use life leech to stack some health points
Cursed Windeku61stA great tank with the thorn ability,
Venari Bonesmith42ndThe reason why I choose Thaddius, since it has a no sneak and sniper rule, bonesmith should be safe
Total Mana:14

My battle in a nutshell!


Round 1

Round 1

Holy Shit! ~~~ 🤯 When I saw his lineup I am like omg ... another epic lost

Round 2

Round 2

Well, my bonesmith is totally useless now. The void dragon is a flier and speed 5 ... my Windeku is going to miss a lot.

Round 3

Round 3

Hopeless ... why am I even writing this ...

Last Round

Last Round

During the entirely the match, I did not even manage to damage his lineup.

- End of Story -

Result Board

What I should have done instead

Hmmm, this is a tough question. honestly, I can't think of any alternatives with my current deck. Maybe if I could get hold of Legionnaire Alvar I could counter his lineup, but sadly I don't own one.

Void Dragon is he a nice to have?

Okay, I guess here comes the question is Void Dragon a must have?

Bronze League Rare Summoner Wild Format

Let's look at the bronze tier with a rare summoner. Void Dragon is the only one with the ability flying and void. Wow.

Silver League Rare Summoner Wild Format

Moving on ... at silver league with a rare summoner. Gargoya Lion joins the team of having flying and void but it has a lower speed than Void Dragon but has the same effective health points against melee and range.

Gold League Rare Summoner Wild Format

And lastly looking at the gold league with the rare summoner, We have Dark Ha'on and Phantom Soldier joining the pool. Both have higher effective health points than the Void Dragon but their speed is still slower. Look like in terms of priority void dragon is much faster because he is

  1. Speed 5
  2. Magic Damage
  3. Legendary

The above comparison is compared as a wild format and if you look closer most of the cards are in modern format.

Here's a quick glance at the ruleset

This table is generated using Koodies's Splintertools #3, created by @koodies
RulesetsVoid Dragon
Stats🔮 Mana: 5,💗 Health: 7,🛡️ Armor: 0,⏩ Speed: 5
aim-true.png➖ Not affected
armored-up.png👍 Nice to have
back-to-basics.png👎 No flying and void
broken-arrows.png➖ Not affected
close-range.png➖ Not affected
earthquake.png👍 No damage taken as is a flier
equalizer.png👍👎 It might have the highest health
equal-opportunity.png👍 Nice to have
even-stevens.png👎 It's an odd mana splinter
explosive-weaponry.png👍 Sure why not
odd-ones-out.png👍 It's an odd mana splinter
fog-of-war.png➖ Not affected
healed-out.png➖ Not affected
keep-your-distance.png➖ Not affected
little-league.png👎 Can't use in this ruleset
lost-legendaries.png👎 Can't use in this ruleset
lost-magic.png👎 Can't use in this ruleset
melee-mayhem.png➖ Not affected
noxious-fumes.png👍 Can last at least 4 rounds
reverse-speed.png👎👎👎 it speedo 5 going to be slow as hell
rise-of-the-commons.png👎 Can't be used
spreading-fury.png👍 At most become faster, that pretty nice to have
stampede.png➖ Not affected
super-sneak.png➖ Not affected
taking-sides.png➖ Not affected
target-practice.png👍 Nice to have
unprotected.png➖ Not affected
up-close-&-personal.png➖ Not affected

A quick glance at the tournament battle board and scoreboard



Overall I managed to hold position 6. Did pretty well in this Free For All.


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