Rising Star. 12 card packs :)

Good day, Rising Star family!

Sunday, Day 709 with Rising Star Game.

My Summer special cards hunting doesn't go really well. Hope I will mint at least 1 card today.

But first of all, to compensate for that sadness, I decided to buy more card packs. And as always I will share my new cards with you.

I think it is the first time when I get a Skill booster card in the packs.

A Fan booster?! Maybe I need to check the latest news of @risingstargame...

Okay, I didn't get any Abs but now I think I have a collection of Native American Drums. Also, I minted lots of Fan and Skill Boosts. I don't really need Fans, but I am always glad to get extra Skills.

I already started collecting STARBITS for another bunch of card packs :) So, maybe next week we will open more packs :)

Right now I have 916 cards in collection, and I need 300,000 STARBITS to reach my goal of 1,000+cards.

Good luck! Have a nice day!

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