Astral Entities AMA 6/21/22

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Where to Watch?

What is Astral Entities?

Astral Entities is an NFT project on Wax that aims to create one collection of NFTs that is usable across multiple games and blockchains with cohesive lore. The developer, Hella Rad Games, plans to include projects spanning as many genres as possible. Hella Rad Games was founded by Cryptoreaper and Tanzo, with the aim to create Crypto games that put fun before anything else. To learn more you can visit their website, or come ask a question on their Discord.

Official Business

Tanzo showed off the card collection display on the website:

Collection View

Card View

Game Collection View (Taergyn)

User Page (Teargyn)

Our unofficial timeline is a few weeks to be able to use match selection to send a link out and play in Teargyn. We will begin adding features over the next few months based on community feedback. The developer working on Discordant Adventures estimates a month for it to be fully out along with the toolkit for Tanzo to add new stories.


Question: (No_Profile) Will the attack directions and power on the physical Taergyn cards match the online versions?
Answer: (Tanzo) Yes. They will be exactly the same.

Question: (Waffles) What is the hardest question you have had to answer in an AMA, whether or not it was AE related or not?
Answer: (Tanzo) That's a rough one. I don't think any of the questions have been hard other than the economic, and code questions. I know all the lore so those questions are all easy. (CryptoReaper) The one you just asked about is probably the hardest.

Question: (No_Profile) If the founders were not the founders and found themselves in this project that was founded by different founders, what questions would the founder ask the founders?
Answer: (Tanzo) That's a good question. I would want to ask about the timeline but then stop myself because I know how long it takes to develop a game. After that, I would ask about future sets and how they will affect the game economy.
(CryptoReaper) What have been the surprise roadblocks? General big picture questions that give a peek behind the curtain. I think too many people focus on when they will get a return, but if a good project has good backing and a good team behind it. The rest will fall into place, so a question that lets you see where the founder's heads are at is a good one.

Question: (Cobaltum) Do I really have to eat this? (A picture of a fish's head in soup accompanied this question.)
Answer: (Scaredy8at) Yes. It will be the most delicious, rich flavorful broth you've ever put in your mouth. It will be baller/heaven.

Question: (Scaredy8at) Who would you pick to voice Locke, Illuminus and Blyx etc if you could pick anyone anyone
Answer: (Tanzo) We want Scaredy8at to continue voicing Lockaine as long as possible. For Illuminous I would want Christopher Walkin, but I feel like they would be better as Ishken the god of stories. For Blyx I would probably go with Paul Rudd if they even have a voice. If not they would play the mouse that travels with Blyx.
(CryptoReaper) Maybe Benedict Cumberbatch for Illuminous.

End of June 21st AMA

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