Rising star giving away #1


So I guess that first I need to publish it here and give the link to rising star personnel to control the in and out of cards.
Since I didn't know that, I am posting another post this time.
The next giveaway will be attached to the next.

My last update in rising stars can be found in HERE. In this update, I show how many cards I got in the last days and also my evolution in the game.
I decided to post after my first pack opening. I hope that I get more starbits soon to get more packs. Getting a rare card is a very good emotion!

I think that this control is important probably so I will respect it.

for this giveaway we have this card over here. I won it in a giveaway and I guess since I am not going to use it, I can share with the community. I am more focused on singing now, I guess this card is more for drum lessons if I am not wrong.
I will follow the instructions of being very transparent with the process, I will do a post with the result maybe with the next update of the game which I still don't have in my mind the possible date (probably around 15 days).

In addition, let me know if you guys want to be notified if I do some other give aways.

To participate you will need to provide your IGN only and a comment.

are welcomed in addition to positive votes but not necessary.
I will use https://hivetools.herokuapp.com/picker/ for this giveaway

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