My rising star saga #7 and giveaway #3


I need to admit, it has been 15 days since my last post and I has been difficult to move forward in the second city on the map Local Gig Circuit. With only 430 fans it is hard to move forward. Since the second mission demands 500 fans ( which is not difficult to get with drunks), but then the third mission demands 750 fans. So I had to change a bit the strategy.

The strategy now is a way to get fans, so I started to click in the Saturday Headline every day from the Home Town (3h mission) and finally I gathered some starbits to buy a pack. Here are my current stats:


So yeah I could raise from 430 fans to 565 thanks to two cards that I got from my last pack opening:


As you can see Ivan has 125 fans, that was the card that provided most of the fans that I gained. But also Nick provided 5 fans. After this card opening still I got 105 skill .

Another concern during the last 15 days was also about my ego climbing up, so I also decided to buy skill and singing cards. So I spent 5,044 in three cards:

With this cards I got a total of 70 luck for singing. In addition to add I got to other singing cards in giveaways in hive posts! That is awesome!


Now I am ranging 10 to 26 skills for every singing lesson, which is good to recover some ego. So these are the updates of my profile, now let's move to the giveaway results and next giveaway.


Here is the card that we need to draw, the RS YO:


For that, I am using We had a total of 8 participants.

And the winner is:


Congratz @supriya.gupta !! And thanks for the participation of : @coquicoin , @henruc , @luizeba , @nane-qts , @theey , @tengolotodo and @wazock .


Let's move on for the next giveaway. I will choose the winner and send the prize again in more or less then 7 days. So we have this card: Triangle

To participate you will need to provide your IGN only (if it is different from your login in here) and a comment.

are welcomed in addition to positive votes but not necessary.

Cheers and good luck! See you next time

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