Why would DEC and VOUCHER be a good investment for this 2023 Splinterlands?

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The DEC (Dark Energy Crystals) and the VOUCHER are two types of tokens in the Splinterlands game that could be considered a good investment for 2023, this is so for many reasons which I will tell you in this post, there are many things happening right now in "Splinterlands" and part of all that is directly related to the DEC and the VOUCHER, so this makes both tokens more than interesting to be able to invest before everything goes live.

Part of what is coming for this 2023 is the burning of more DEC and VOUCHER tokens in order to get the new DEC-B token, which will allow them to have significant discounts on various aspects of the game, especially land expansion, land rarities and how they will be able to upgrade the buildings that can be built on all these lands, In order to produce resources that will help to create spells that will be used in conjunction with our cards, of course, for this there is still a long way to go, but, it is still interesting, especially because both tokens can go up in price and the idea is to speculate with them.

What can DEC and VOUCHER tokens be used for?


It is the native currency of the game and is used to buy cards and other in-game items. Being the native currency of the game or the first that was created in the ecosystem, the DEC is in great demand due to the need for players to buy cards and other items within the game, in addition, the DEC can also be used to buy tickets for prize tournaments, which can increase its value and although it has cost it to reach the peg with a value of every 1000 DEC being $1, the probability of it reaching such prices increases with time, in fact before the crypto market saw a significant pullback due to what happened with FTX, it almost reached such value.

It is a token that allows players to buy exclusive and rare cards in the game, in short, the VOUCHER was created with the purpose of obtaining certain discounts on promotions launched by the game, in addition, the VOUCHER can be purchased with DEC, SPS or other cryptocurrencies, and its value is based on supply and demand, on the other hand, being an exclusive and rare token, the VOUCHER has a great potential to store value in the market, which means that its demand could increase in the future and more with everything that is being added in the game that I mentioned to you at the beginning of this post.

In summary:

In summary, both DEC and VOUCHER are important tokens in the Splinterlands game and are in high demand due to their use in the game. In addition, the DEC has the advantage of being the currency with which we interact with most assets in the game, while the VOUCHER has the added value of being an exclusive and rare token thanks to the discounts we can get on certain releases. Therefore, these tokens could be considered as a good investment for 2023, so I have no doubt that their growth over time will be exponential, although it depends on many additional factors, such as the good performance of the cryptocurrency market in general, something we are currently seeing with the recovery it has had in this last week.

What are the big changes that make these tokens increase in value?


The first thing to take into account is that, for example with the DEC, they have been eliminating the rewards of many aspects in the game that still distributed DEC in the market, such as liquidity pools and qualifying battles won, so the total circulating has decreased by a large percentage, in addition, the creation of DEC-B (DEC Battery), will help to burn more DEC in order to get up to 20% discount on some upcoming releases that would have to do only and exclusively with the lands, but possibly apply to other releases.

Now, with respect to the VOUCHER the situation is slightly different, since these are distributed daily to the SPS holders in Stake, in addition to the license holders, which increases in some way its offer, but with the new proposal that was added to create DEC-B (DEC Battery), not only DECs can be burned, but also VOUCHERs, so this would counteract the distribution of tokens that it has, with the burning, so it is very likely to increase its demand to obtain these new discounts.



With this post I wanted to explain the reasons why the DEC and the VOUCHER are a good investment option for this year 2023, in my opinion we must take advantage of the low prices of both, although, I must clarify that this is not an investment recommendation, the idea of this post, is to provide information about what happens with these tokens and their economy, but, ideally, you should do your own research to make a responsible decision before investing.

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