HashKings: First Time Playing! + Pack Opening Legendary AVATAR!


Joining HashKings!

Hello everybody I hope you're all doing well! recently I've been reading about a lot of HashKing posts and I've been doing my own research into asset prices and what not, I've been wanting to get involved for a couple weeks but unfortunately wasn't able to.

I had some spare funds and decided to finally jump in, I wasn't sure what I wanted to purchase so going off guides and my own price limit I settled for Mexican Land + 2 Acapulco Gold Seeds + a random avatar.


I deposited more than needed as I wasn't sure if I would buy more lands, avatars or different seed types.

I also was attempting to buy HK Avatar packs off the market prior to see if I could get at least one pack "cheap" to get my avatar that way but that didn't happen before purchasing.

I managed to grab the Mexican land for around 12 SWAP.HIVE. Each seed was around 0.14 and the avatar about 0.6.

All in all, I spend under 13 Hive!


Learning The Ropes

So I attempted to plant my seed the first night but the node was having a time issue, so it took around 30 hours extra before I could finally plant my seed and water it.

I also purchased around 50,000 HK Water which was around 1 Hive but I'm not sure either way, not much.

Now I've had time to wait.. 6 days grow time before I can harvest, I was unsure what else I can do to learn the game other than read more posts and the whitepaper, its still a tad confusing to me even after reading upon it so I'd rather be hands on too.

As I said earlier I was attempting to buy some HK Avatar packs, with the spare Hive I had deposited into my account that I didn't spend on land or seeds, I put in a on-a-whim buy offer in the market, all my remaining SWAP.HIVE (28) for 14 HK Avatar packs @ 2.00 SWAP.HIVE Each.

Next time I checked Hive-Engine I was shocked to see someone actually sold me 14 packs, I was hoping for a singular pack to be sold to me as it seems the market isn't too fluid with the sales regarding HK Avatar packs, I see 1 sold a day if even that. So to get 14 is fantastic!

Opening Avatar Packs

I don't necessarily want to open all 14, after all, all I wanted to begin with was the singular pack! So I decided to open two, and test my luck!


I opened 1 pack first, and wasn't greeted with anything other than the most basic of avatars. I was a little disappointed in all honesty which is what prompted me to open another, I wanted just one fancy looking avatar!

upon opening my second pack I did feel quite lucky but I wasn't imagine I'd get the most sought after avatar 😂 (if my assumption is correct that the zombie queen is the current best?)

So my luck has been fantastic. I now have a legendary avatar to use in raids and my hashking adventures!

I'm not sure how raids work, I don't think I fully grasp the understanding.

Cards with multiple useages, does it use the card up per raid for x5 times for example? or can I send my card out to raid 5 times before he needs to restore his energy. A little confused as I would presume cards would start at their base useage upon pack openings, rather than start at 1 if thats the case.

Either way, I've tried Raids out for 1 night with my cards and earned 10 Buds. I was expecting a lot more to be honest but again I have no idea what I'm doing.. some tips may be very useful to me!


the following night I decided to open two more avatar packs just to bring my pack holding to a round number 😅

here are the rest of my pulls! although I wasn't as lucky as the first time 😉


Trying Raids

So I'm completely unsure how raids work even after reading upon them but I will learn with time, the usage thing is the one I'm most curious about.

I was expecting way more buds returned after my first raid, only pulling 10 with all my avatars and a legendary one at that, but I guess they are all level 0?

I tried to roll some joints with some BUDS I have, but It says I'm too low level to roll even the pincer joint so I'm unsure how I get a level to even be able to roll a joint, to then get my character some XP?

All a tad confusing to me right now. Hoping it will slowly but surely make more sense!

I did try to forge the dupe avatars I got together but I didn't realise it'd prompt me to pay a $2 fee to forge. Which is definitely not worth doing to me especially since I don't understand how raids work, or xp, or leveling my avatars up and last but not least with earning 10 Buds a day from raids, it'd take me a lifetime to earn that $2 back 🤷‍♂️


I had some BUDS in my wallet prior to even joining Hashkings, so I decided to burn them just to understand MOTA. After I deposited my buds I read I may not even recieve mota depending on how many buds were deposited into the pool that day but it seemed like worry for nothing as I recieved 0.88 MOTA the next day.


Nowhere near any significant amount to stake to receive seeds but I guess overtime I will be stacking the MOTA too.


Last but not least here is all my avatars right now! very grateful to have pulled such an awesome NFT. I'm hoping I can actually put her to use and learn the game to take full advantage of the gift I received, any tips or advice going forward would be very appreciated, thank you!


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