Rising Star - Lvl 67 Achieved and Manage Your Band?

This past week, I achieved level 67. Just 8 levels away from being able to run the Band Auditions Missions. So I started to look at the Band Auditions mission and the Manage Your Band screen.

I noticed I already have unlocked the first Singer and associated Instrument and also a Vehicle. Can anyone share if I should take action now by adding a card into these slots or should I wait until I get the Band Auditions mission unlocked? Also what does it benefit to adds cards here?

Manage Your Band.PNG

Weekly Progress

To be able to tell if you are making any progress toward anything you set out to do is to record your starting position and then periodically measure how far you have progressed since your last measurement.

I have been playing Rising Star consistently since the first of 2022. It helps me to track my progress so that I can see what areas may need additional attention.

I am now ranked in the top 1000, sitting at 845 for the first time this high. It looks like my weekly Minutes were the number that jumped me up from last week.

Here are my Jun 3rd stats:
Ranking: 845 (+163)

Your Ranking 845.PNG

Your Ranking titles.PNG

Your Ranking detail.PNG

Current Stats

I am slowing increasing all of my stats. All my drunk fans woke up helping to drop my ego down. I am working on running more music lessons each and every day to increase my skill points.

Fans: 2595 (-400)
Ego: 8% (-6)
Skill: 5521 (+224)
Luck: 519 (+51)
IM: 42 (No change)


Weekly Pack Purchase

I received the standard rare and two common in my pack however this is the first time I remember getting two of the same cards in a purchased pack.
84 Nina - 10 Fans, 5 Skill
76 Elise - 5 Fans, 10 Skill
R183 Gustaf - 100 Fans, 100 Skill, 5 Luck and 2 IM

Two of these cards are unique for me - 84 Nina and R183 Gustaf. I have found that unique cards help with my ranking more than just getting duplicate cards. I need to find a cheap way of getting more unique cards.

New Purchased card.PNG

If you are interested in playing, check it out at the below link. It is free to join, login with your Hive Keychain.


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