The great power of the "Phantom Soldier" and its dangerous combination of skills "Flying, Silence and Void" ๐Ÿ’€

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The battle and strategy that I will describe in this opportunity, is related to an amazing monster that I really like to play in the "splinter of Death" that, comes being one of my favorites for certain occasions, also, this card gives me access to a great number of uses and strategies with my death team, mainly focused on weakening a powerful set magic attack, that could finish in a blink of an eye all my cards and their life points.

This battle is very high mana, so, this gave us the opportunity to play with a good lineup to face each other with some of our strongest cards, where my opponent went for a very powerful "Dragon Team", including the newly added card "Carnage Titan", for my part, I used the "Death Splinter", but focusing on another target that would neutralize my opponent to such an extent that would make me win the battle.

Before continuing with my lineup and strategy, I will detail the card that made the difference in this battle, allowing me to win it, also allowing me to completely stop the great offensive that my opponent had with his "Dragon" team.

This card is of the "Epic" type corresponding to the bounty edition with the "Beta" edition frame, so, it makes it an old card and quite limited in a way, since, this one was discontinued a long time ago, so its price per BCX in its level 1, is around $17.49. On the other hand, this card has very good main stats, using its maximum potential when facing a coordinated team of magical attacks, since most of its abilities are focused on weakening that type of attack.

Taking this into account, among its main stats we have that, the amount of mana needed to summon it to the field is +8 points, a relatively high amount, but which I am willing to cover, taking into consideration the risk involved, but, it is a very powerful card, which, from its lowest level, has a very good +8 health points, reaching a maximum of +10 points. On the other hand, its speed at all levels is +3 points, which seems good to me, taking into account that, combined with other cards, it could even have 4 or 5 points of speed.

As for its attack, it starts from level 1, with +2 points of magic attack, but at its highest level, it doubles, this means that its total would be +4 points which, in my opinion, are quite destructive, taking into account that we can increase this attack with a summoner like "Delwyn Dragonscale". Finally, we have the abilities of this card, which I will describe below:

  • Flying: This monster can fly, so, its defense against terrestrial monsters that commonly attack with "Melee", it is very good to use it, since the probabilities that these can miss their attack, increase considerably and more if we can combine it with a card that increases the speed of it.
  • Silence: This is an ability focused on decreasing magical power, so all of our opponent's cards that have this type of attack will be affected by "Silence". This was a crucial ability for this battle, since I was able to reduce by -1 point, the magic attack of all his monsters.
  • Void: In addition to "Silence", I have "Void", which decreases the damage that we could receive through a magical attack, this means that if our opponent's monster has +2 points, we will only receive 1 point of damage. However, since "Silence" and my summoner acted against my opponent's magic attack cards, the damage was reduced to "Zero".

This card is really useful in battle, it can serve as an excellent tank against magic attacks, it can additionally defend against "Melee and Ranged" attacks thanks to its "Flying" ability and, finally, it has a destructive magic power.

My strategy was simple and focused on having a powerful and fast magic offensive, but I was weakened by my opponent, thanks to the "Silence" of his "Goblin Psychic", with respect to my "Tank", this was resistant, but I was sure that I would be defeated quickly by the front combination of my opponent, so the only card that would remain as a good "Tank", would be precisely my "Phantom Soldier", since I placed my "Boogeyman" in second position to be able to protect my "Phantom Soldier".

Also, I strategically placed my "Magi Necrosi" in the back line, specifically in the penultimate position, since, thanks to his "Camouflage" ability, until he reached the first position, he could not be a real attack target for my opponent's cards, so, with this I made sure to cause as much damage as possible without putting my card at risk. Finally, my powerful and fast "Lira the Dark" in the last position with the aim of attacking the card with less life points of my opponent.

In the development of the battle and seeing the coordination of my opponent's monsters, I was almost sure that my chances of winning were really low, but, seeing the great performance of my "Phantom Soldier", I was very surprised by this victory.

Link to my Battle๐Ÿ†

Rule of my Battle

Close Range & Stampede with 52 Mana.

  • Mana: 52
  • Close Range: Ranged attacks may be used in the first position in battles.
  • Stampede: The Trample ability can be triggered more than once per attack if the trampled card is killed.

Thaddius Brood

The summoner I chose for this battle is my powerful "Thaddius Brood", which I played for a reason and that is that my opponent in his last formations had used in 2 occasions his strongest magical attacks, so, seeing the amount of mana available for this battle, I thought that he would attack me with a "Dragon Splinter" and take advantage of his great magical powers in some of his cards, so, I prepared with my summoner to decrease his magical power together with his vital points in -1 point each.

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Cursed Windeku

This is the default summoner that I usually use in my new "Chaos Legion" edition death team, since he is really resistant and can cause serious damage to the opponent just by touching him, as long as his attack type is "Melee", all this is thanks to his "Thorns" ability and his vital regeneration capacity with "Heal", besides this one could weaken with his best effort the powerful "Grund" of my opponent, but in the next round, he fell under the opponent's hammer.

gif sp.gif


The backup card that would take the position as my new "Tank", as soon as my "Cursed Windeku" fell on the battlefield. On the other hand, my opponent's "Grund" had the opportunity to weaken my card, but thanks to my "Boogeyman" speed of +3 points, he was able to dodge that attack, achieving a combination of magic attack with the rest of my lineup, to defeat his powerful tank. In addition, thanks to his "Slow" ability, I was able to slow down my opponent's cards until the "Carnage Titan" defeated him.

gif sp.gif

Phantom Soldier

My main card and that was key in the battle to win, is nothing more and nothing less than my powerful "Phantom Soldier", which could easily dodge the first attack of the "Carnage Titan" thanks to its ability of "Flying", in addition, with the support of my summoner "Thaddius Brood" and the ability called "Silence" in my card, all my opponent's magic attack was reduced to only +1 point, so, the only one who could damage him was the "Carnage Titan", hitting only 2 attacks, leaving me with a total of +4 life points, enough to be able to defeat the rest of my opponent's cards, since the damage was "Zero". Finally, a combined attack power, made me defeat the "Carnage Titan", giving me, from this instant, practically the defeat of my opponent.

gif sp.gif

Spirit Miner

A fabulous support and offensive card, which, thanks to its "Swiftened" ability, was able to increase by +1 point the speed of all my cards in the field, thus preventing my opponent's "Summoner" and its speed decrease ability from succeeding. In addition, it was able to withstand enough rounds in the battle to protect my powerful "Magi Necrosi".

gif sp.gif

Magi Necrosi

A very good card that I like to use in every battle, of course where I have the opportunity to do so, because, at the level I have it, it has the "Camouflage" ability, which prevents other cards with the "Snipe, Sneak and Opportunity" abilities from attacking it until it reaches the first position. My "Magi Necrosi" was one of my main axis in the offensive, I can that +3 points of magic attack and a very good speed of + 3 points, could contribute as a team to achieve victory, in addition, this focuses on attacking cards with magic and ranged attack or without any kind of attack thanks to its "Snipe" ability.

gif sp.gif

Lira the Dark

A card that I really like to use in my formations, because its incredible speed makes it always the first to attack, and its "Opportunity" ability allows me to focus its attack on the weakest cards of my opponent, which is very good, because these are cards that provide incredible support to the team. Thanks to "Lira", it can gradually defeat my opponent's most important support cards, such as his "Goblin Psychic".

This battle was very interesting, my opponent played his cards very well, also his game was balanced and well coordinated, in that sense, the main threat I had, were the first 2 cards in his formation, since both together could cause +14 points of damage, all this thanks to the fact that both cards had the ability called "Double Strike" and a huge destructive power.

Regarding my side of the field, I was also able to perform a good battle formation focused mainly on magic attack, but, with the intention of weakening the unprecedented magic attack that my opponent would use to defeat me, but it was thanks to my summoner "Thaddius Brood and my Phantom Soldier" that I could win this important battle, undoubtedly a good combination, in addition to the "Silence and Void" of my Phantom.

I hope you liked this strategy and that you can understand the importance of being able to combine our cards to increase or decrease the battle damage.

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