NFT portals of WAX, Beast Gardens update, & NFT Giveaways


Luna caused a massive market crash in the crypto market which lost trillions of dollars in a 24 hour period. While many including myself lost a hefty chunk of change, with NFTs there is a silver lining. See the value of an NFT is somewhat independent of the crypto market & there is opportunity even in hostile market conditions to use this to your benefit.

The Wonderful world of WAX has been growing all the more inclusive as NFT portals become the norm. Today I'm switching things up a bit bringing it back to basics as I cover NFT portals on popular WAX games. As these portal systems act as a form of independent market stability with NFTs.

I also have some news to share concerning Beast Gardens which is still a WAX exclusive but has new updates fans should be aware of.

Crypto market crash

What has been happening over the last few weeks is the crypto market has began to crash again from what I can tell this has been one of the worst crashes. Something in and around 1 Trillion dollars has been taken out of the market in the last month causing BTC ETH & Alt Prices to begin plummeting. A few days ago Stable coins also began dropping with TerraUSD Dropping to around $0.23 this caused a second cliff hitting HIVE & WAX price hard.

I'm not a financial advisor but a construction worker by trade to me if there are bones left to build upon its better then a tear down. So personally I hope that this is but a setback I have seen worse though admittingly this is fairly bad. There are usages to blockchain that make it more then economic but practical.

Many think Bitcoin was the first digital currency that is actually incorrect Hashcash was a project in 1990 & another since faild project was E-gold which started in 98 that lasted until 2008. Since Bitcoin started in 2009 some may see history continuing to repeat itself.

Those which dont learn from their past are doomed to repeat it & I'm guessing not many know that Bitcoin wasn't even the first E-currency.

What makes crypto different then what has come before is technology & society finally needs things like verifiable digital asset ownership. I hope as I'm sure we all do that this is a setback not the beginning of the end as like it or not society needs NFTs, crypto, & blockchain technology.

As I said I'm not a financial advisor nor is any of this financial advice.

Todays post from here on will deal with NFTs play to earn games & the silver lining that market crashes can bring.

NFT Portals

So what is an NFT portal?

Simply speaking, the NFT Portal is a bridge to other blockchains (such as WAX, BSC, or HIVE) that will enable players to port their gaming assets both in and out of their play to earn game NFT asset wallet.

Technically, this is how NFT Bridging works: A user deposits an NFT into a Smart Contract of Network A. The NFT gets locked. Afterwards, the user has to get signatures from the oracles who will confirm that the deposit was made in network A. With these signatures, the user can call the same contract in network B where a duplicate NFT will be minted & sent to the user.

Not all NFT portals are to the same blockchain thus far the Blockchains I know there are active NFT portals to & from WAX include.

HIVE, EOS, BSC, TRX, BANNO, & ETH but ETH is being phased out is my understanding.

I should probably clarify something I try my best to test every system I write about be that a game or NFT minting whatever the subject matter is. My belief is I shouldn't cover a subject which I dont have first hand experience in setting up.

This brings me to this rather important point while I use NFT portals or Bridges daily I have never created one personally.

Which is why I dont feel comfortable stating that I am a WAX expert, knowledgeable to be certain, but I cant really afford to set up my own NFT portal just to test the mechanisms at play.

On HIVE I believe currently the following games have an active NFT portal system to WAX.

Splinterlands one of the first NFT portals on WAX, Rising Star, Crypto Brew Masters, & Muterra.
Splinterlands Nefty (WAX) Splinterlands has its own Atomic Hub Page (another WAX market).
Crypto Brew Masters Nefty (WAX)
Muterra Nefty (WAX)
These are Simply HIVE play to earn games with one form or another of portal system. From what I can tell effectively the Game NFT needs to have a copy on both blockchains with an oracle system facilitating transfer from one to another with the users accounts being linked.

Splinterlands is actually a bit more complex because the Waka Spiritblade effectively has different functions on WAX & HIVE. This is rather unique & is a definite first for HIVE NFTs.

Truly the Gold standard for NFT Bridges or Portals is Splinterlands, I say this with the clarity of someone that understands the mechanisms at play & has tested a great number of their competitors. Rarely is a NFT bridge as seamless as Splinterlands NFT Bridge to the WAX Blockchain The SPS in game Governance routed through an oracle system linking it to BSC & HIVE that is art to me. Simply another reason I believe they are the best in the Blockchain Gaming industry Given their predilection for setting industry defining trends If you want an example of a near perfect NFT Bridge look no further then the Splinterlands WAX / HIVE NFT bridge.

While Splinterlands requires a $10 Spell Book purchase in game to own assets earned by playing or allowing transfer of assets to & from the game Splinterlands is more then worth the money its fun to play if your new please consider using my referral 👇 to sign up.
All of my HIVE Posts come with Giveaways & a 5 count WAX NFT airdrop many of which include Splinterlands assets. Like todays airdrop for instance 🧐

Alien Worlds has a NFT line with in game functions facilitated on WAX & another NFT line facilitating separate game functions on BSC. When I think NFT based player governance of a blockchain game asset I think alien worlds. Their Land Plots Governance system effectively is the first of its kind as is the Alien Worlds Planetary Governance which is where the BSC NFT bridge comes into the conversation.
Originally Alien Worlds was strictly a WAX Game but they launched the mission NFTs & Game type a while back which is facilitated through BSC.
Medium Alien Worlds Missions

Binance actually has their own alien world planet, effectively their game is one of WAX blockchains biggest collaborative tools as land plot & planetary governance allows owners to set their own rewards pool NFTs.

Alien Worlds Binance integration is a natural progression of this concept that also acts as a bridge for NFTs & game mechanics heavy on the processing power.

Alien Worlds is free you should give it a look see, here is the link.
I'm aware that a Blockchain NFT bridge is different from a Minecraft integration but I found this interesting none the less.
Alien Worlds Minecraft Bridge?

Another Note worthy Title on EOS instead of WAX or HIVE with its own NFT integrations from WAX is Upland.
This free to play property based game is based on EOS with the majority of its primary NFT colection such as buildings & property being based only on EOS. While the assets are stored on EOS you can buy & sell in USD making their asset price more stable.
While the property assets are on a singular blockchain they do have WAX NFTs that can be sent to & from the game.
My singular note with upland is they spread their focus to thin they made a WAX NFT colection then connected their portal system, after that they did nothing with it. There are 2 more WAX NFT collections with distribution systems routed through Upland an EOS game.
Crypto Monkeys is the BAN linked WAX NFT colection the WAX NFT colection has a number of distribution mechanisms & one is based off Upland Properties. This is Because like Alien Worlds another Game Crypto monkeys assets are procured through Upland allows for property owners to have a level of control when it comes to in game governance.

Like Alien Worlds Land Plot system uplands Property Systems can have NFT rewards pools routed through them. More specifically crypto monkeys has set up a rewards pool system on WAX which is triggered by linked Upland accounts visiting their highlighted property.
Its facilitated through signup on the site above If new to upland please consider using my referral below its free.
They actually offer free SPARK incentives to players for logging into upland daily so if you like me signed up but didn't check in very often you may want to start.

Now my next Piece of WAX Colection integration brilliance, I just have to tell everyone about is believe it or not crypto monkeys as they have a fairly complex system.
To be honest its fairly impressive as they more or less just have WAX NFTs Crypto Monkeys but they have used their own site & users linked accounts to basically connect EOS WAX projects + BAN wallets to it.
Using the Site above Crypto Monkey NFT collectors can link Upland accounts, Alien Worlds wallets, WAX wallets, BAN wallets, Reddit accounts, Discord accounts, & Telegram accounts together using all of them to earn Crypto Monkey NFTs.
All of these games are connected to your WAX / BAN wallets so rewards of BAN or Crypto Monkeys can be earned to either wallet.
Not only can games or social media earn you rewards with crypto monkeys strictly owning them entitles you to participate in Monkey Farming facilitated by owning their WAX NFTs.
Since all of this can be accomplished more or less for free I encourage users to check out their ecosystem its quite illuminating. The possibilities of working around your strictly NFT portal system as its not an NFT portal but its successfully integrating functions from 3 Blockchains 6 games & several forms of social media.
Now I'm going to Highlight a simplistic hack to forgo a oracle or portal system yet still link a NFT colection on WAX & HIVE.
Rising Star is a HIVE play to earn which is completely free to play, I'm a long term fan & know they have been attempting a WAX NFT colection bridge for a while now. At first the transfer of Rising Star NFTs was facilitated via Discord, now the transfer is only done to the game from WAX. This is fine because to me they cracked a simplistic method of linking a HIVE and WAX account.

In a Move as brilliant as it is simple they simply request your HIVE account in the memo on your first transfer to their Rising Star WAX wallet. They then link the 2 wallets for future transfers, I'm happy they came up with this because the problem is simpler then we sometimes make it.

Give Rising Star a try for free via the link below

Now I have never made my own NFT portal system, that being said I hope this info helps those trying to create one of there own. At the very least the section above is a great list of projects that have one which is a god place to start.

As for your average investor these projects above are something with a greater stability due to their multiple markets & blockchains they are involved in. One more Play to earn Game with a Portal system making a lot of noise but I haven't had time to test is.

Now I suggest if you want to get involved with play to earn games with a portal system that you check out the following.

For HIVE based games
For WAX based games
For those looking to set up a WAX NFT colection or a portal My suggestion start here
EOS play to earn games with WAX NFTs or Portals

I have been rather busy as of late but I hope my info above gives the @hashkings devs an idea of where to start with a WAX NFT colection or portal. As I said I'm no expert but this doesn't mean I dont know where to start & if you shoot for something more basic like Rising Star its definitely doable. When we get into the more advanced versions that use oracle systems like Splinterlands that's something I would put beyond my skillset personally.

My apologies for addressing you publicly about bringing HIVE NFTs to WAX I figure this explanation on portals / bridges was helpful to all parties interested, ill help if you need it but given its summer here, so I work quite often. Best bet to get my attention is through HIVE though I try & check in on Discord.

Besides that NFT portals help deter NFT market crashes & in time when the Crypto market has you down these are the games to look up so it works for all readers really.

Beast Gardens

With Beast Gardens You have a opportunity to take advantage of this market crash, see while the WAX price Crashes WAX NFTs become more or less stagnate in price. Especially with assets based in utility value so like game items for instance.
Feeding was recently introduced in Beast Gardens giving fruit NFT fractions in game a use case.

So Feeding is interesting You can Feed your Beasts A portion of or a whole unit of fruit.
Depending upon the fruit fed & what Beast is Fed you get different volumes of BGFOCUS.
BGFOCUS is used to play in game battles to win BGALPHA which is used in the Beast Gardens auction market & evolution.

So how does this relate to using the market crash to your advantage, since you use BGWATER, BGFOCUS, & BGALPHA in game to procure NFTs you can effectively use the markets effect on their price to procure cheaper Beast Gardens NFTs.

Since WAX alts prices are effected by the WAX price you can actually increase the profit margin on cycling BGALPHA then selling packs for more WAX then usual.

Thus while yes to anyone with in market asset holdings are cursing this crash those keeping a portfolio heavy in NFTs are in a position to benefit.

Without further Stalling lets potentially increase your NFT portfolio with a few giveaways.

WAX NFT airdrop Instructions

Ill still do a single airdrop link on my HIVE (1st) post only. After the Airdrop link has been claimed the first 5 people to leave their twitter or WAX address in the comments on the HIVE post get a single WAX NFT gift sent via the WAX NFT gifting system or Nefty Blocks WAX NFT transfer system.

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WAX NFT Airdrop

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Stash Pass Weedcash NFT giveaway

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