NFT & Blockchain News Everyone! + NFT giveaway chaser

Updates from Hashkings, Rising Star, Splinterlands, WAX vIRLs, & a few new HIVE P2E titles lets explore some good HIVE / WAX Blockchain news everyone.

Ill also explore some Mattel & Funko vIRL WAX NFT collections explain their popularity as well as how their use cases function.

As every post we cap all this off with some WAX NFT Airdrops & WAX / Weedcash NFT giveaways.

ETH meltdown

Its no mystery that the crypto market as of late has been a little unstable with the top assets ETH & BTC suffering the most.

While many where shocked this is happening I had seen this coming over 2 years ago BTC shouldn't have a price to far north of $25,000 roughly the cost to produce them.

ETH meanwhile had intentionally manipulated their build to cause extreme gas fees leading to unchecked artificial inflation.

While the mighty have fallen & the LUNA token debacle caused a noticeable price decrease across the board. HIVE as well as WAX while they took a hit have persevered better then previously during similar market crashes.

Splinterlands airdrop ended & the game & assets have not decreased by any note worthy amount.

Despite issues recently we are in a healthier position now then we where before value grounded in usage or utility.

Hash Kings

Hash Kings recently added yet another crypto asset, which is awarded for participation in Raids.

FT or Forge Token is used as a payment option for the Avatar Forge.

Users Merge 2 avatars in the forge paying a fee in crypto to facilitate the blend, you now have the option to use FT as a payment option.

It is beyond rough to make blockchain games it can be a massive undertaking with exorbitant costs & no guarantee of success.

Hash kings had an issue previously that caused their mechanics to be a pay to win set up. That's fine to an extent but EXP & FT rewards have considerably changed their avatar ecosystem.

Now raids can freely award loyal players a means of free level progression, this is key because in addition to attracting new players they must maintain loyalty of existing ones.

I personally haven't stopped growing plants on the plots I own since the game launched & I'm happy to see how far they have come considering how unrewarding this market can be.

I personally support their DHF proposal & I urge fans of Hashkings do the same HIVE works best when we work together.

The Hashkings DHF proposal can be found via the link above please support it if your a fan of Hashkings their team certainly deserves it.

Humble brag time Hashkings BUDSX coin design is something I made & the Hashkings team was kind enough to use.

Though not added to Hive Engines Coin design for FT yet I think their design on their discord is a damn good one.

My personal Weedcash NFT colection #stashpass gives away quite a few Hashkings NFTs & assets as a part of its monthly raffle use case.

Winners have received many Avatars some crypto & even a few land plots. My intention with #stashpass is giving back to Weedcash HIVE users & Dapps I personally wish to support Hashkings being no different in this regard so their assets are featured frequently as prizes.

Check their game out yourself via the link above please support their DHF & be sure to check out the #stashpass raffle winners on the 20th to see what our lucky winners received.


WAX NFT market has undergone a shift in focus as of late with sales consistently higher then average with both the Hot Wheels NFT colection & the Funko Pop NFTs.

These WAX NFT collections are specials due to their use case being a vIRL system.

So the term vIRL NFT stands for virtual In Real Life Non Fungible Token, what this means is they are NFTs tied to tangible products or assets.

A rise of the popularity of vIRL use cases is something I had been predicting for a little over a year now.

Packs of Hot Wheels WAX NFTs can contain Gold foil Rare NFTs which have the vIRL redemption use case with very limited minted collectibles which can only be acquired in this way.

Redeemed on their website in which users can sign in with their WAX wallet.

While their use case leaves much to be desired never underestimate nostalgia & just how valuable popular collectibles like Hotwheels can be.

Funko Pop

Funko Pop collectables are very popular & their subject matter for their collectibles ranges from rug rats, to Five Nights at Freddy's, Pokémon Metallica, & everything in-between.

Funko Pop just launched Jay & silent Bob WAX NFTs not to long ago both Jay & Silent Bob Funko NFTs / DC Funko NFTs are currently some of WAX markets top selling collections.

Much like the Hot Wheels NFTs Funko WAX NFTs have rare vIRL assets in certain packs, a vIRL Funko WAX NFT can be redeemed during its specified time frame.

The Funko Pop collectible received via the vIRL system are very rare & only can be found through this vIRL system.

Ranging through various IP Funko collectibles can be highly sought after by fans & prices can reach insane levels on the rarest / most popular ones.

Personal issues with the design of the Funko Website requiring users to pay for a new WAX wallet set up through their website to purchase or redeem packs / vIRLs aside.

Its nice to see collectibles on WAX from projects I'm a fan of like Jay & Silent Bob for instance.

Fun Fact

The creator of Jay & Silent Bob, Blunt Man & Chronic Comics, & Clerks Kevin Smith is a crypto user.

Like Snoop Dog Kevin Smith has created his own ETH NFT lines, seeing his Franchises being minted by Funko on WAX is a good sign.

WAX needs Mainstream appeal Celebrities' like Kevin Smith finally seeing WAX Blockchains NFT potential would be the best thing to happen to WAX.

ETH NFTs are complicated to even purchase WAX NFTs are not, a traditional crypto asset like ETH simply isn't something average people will use. The right mixture of simply used by consumers & diverse potential for NFT creators WAX is the blockchain of the future.

Rising Star Packs updated

Rising Star a free HIVE P2E game in which users start a band of NFT Musicians to play gigs progressing their in game band to stardom.

Having played this title for over 2 years I can attest to how much it has changed over time.

What changes fairly regularly are the contents of their NFT packs Fan Boost NFTs as well as Skill Boost NFTs have recently been added to packs.

Rising Star is legitimately free a rarity in P2E games, helping players & musicians alike Rising Star is a Pillar of the HIVE community.

As I state nearly constantly HIVE works best when we all help one another projects & users alike.

Rising Star like Hashkings currently has an active HIVE DHF Proposal users can support for free helping grant additional funding to their project.

Rising Star & Hashkings devs have earned my respect for their skillset as well as my unwavering support of their projects.

I would personally appreciate readers if at all possible support their DHF proposals.

Rising Star has personally made me around $400 in profit, you can play for free & it makes a nice supplement to HIVE weekly earnings for players.
Check out this fantastic HIVE P2E game via the referral link above

Rising Star Prizes get featured frequently in my #stashpass monthly raffle, My Weedcash NFT colection #stashpass has a monthly raffle for the collectors. The price to participate in my monthly #stashpass raffles range from $0.25 - $2.50 for VIP raffle participation.
Stash Pass Raffle Tutorial

Weedcash NFTs can be found here

For a minimal cost #stashpass collectors can receive multiple prizes from my HIVE asset stash monthly.

Every month on the 20th I distribute prizes & announce winners for that months raffle.

Rising Star assets feature frequently as Prizes for #stashpass raffle winners as I always try & benefit both the projects featured as prizes in addition to #stashpass supporters.


Yeah with the SPS airdrop ending I feared for my favorite game Splinterlands future. My fears it appears where while not unfounded still didn't have such a detrimental impact that the game would fail outright.

As I hopped it appears over the last year many Splinterlands investors & players of Splinterlands have seen the light staying with the project despite the airdrop ending.

I would be lying if I said the market didn't have a small reaction but negligible in the grand scheme of things.

Last season having spent just shy of $14 in rentals with 51 chests at diamond tier 3 I cleared just over $170 USD in profit.

While not a huge thing to some that kind of P2E earnings potential is rare in this market.

If there is a project on HIVE you would have to single out as the Heavy Hitter Splinterlands would be it.

Personally has cleared myself around $35,000 USD or more since I began playing Splinterlands.

A combination of buying / selling assets & simply playing the game Splinterlands has made my NFT giveaways possible as well as vastly improving my life.

Like every other project on HIVE I'm a fan of Splinterlands features heavily in my #stashpass raffle prizes.

In addition to #stashpass prizes I have airdropped thousands of dollars worth of Splinterlands NFTs to HIVE users.

Joining a Splinterlands Guild last year Canna Curate & then making it my goal to upgrade our guilds market allowing us to utilize Merits was a fantastic idea. While the guild brawls have not been monetized before
in the coming months SPS will be introduced as a reward for participants.

Guilds are yet another way of Splinterlands & HIVE trying to show us the value of working with one another.

Those sweating the loss of the SPS airdrop check out the new liquidity pool options on Splinterlands assets with a centralized page in game for claiming rewards.


Have to say damn solid APR for the diesel pools I'm currently using on HIVE.

Please dont use liquidity pools if your not fully aware of how they function, they do have risks, do your own research before investing in anything.

Many including myself love these set it & forget it forms of investing, Splinterlands has many options when it comes to this form of investing.

The liquidity pools I just mentioned, SPS staking, Asset Rental, & many more scheduled for the coming updates.

Looking Like Land plots are soon up to bat Been waiting on that like a George R.R. Martin novel getting to the zombies winter is coming.

For those not getting that game of thrones reference Land Plots have been coming soon for what feels like forever.

They I believe bring with them new Game earning Mechanisms cant wait to get my hands on this new Splinterlands feature.

Other then future updates & official passive earning mechanics in Splinterlands there are many Splinterlands related earnings mechanisms as well.

Splintertalk is the Splinterlands Blog or tribe, on this tribe outpost they have a secondary Splinterlands NFT colection not used in game strictly collectible NFTs.

Their Crypto SPT has a few curation services utilizing it, delegating staked SPT to these curators can be quite rewarding.

This 👆 is my personal favorite

Just a nice continued ROI daily, its easy to set up, & constantly reap the benefits.

OPG a HIVE asset has Splinterlands NFT rewards for top OPG token holders right now they are dirt cheap.

Cartel is another HIVE alt granting assets regularly for ownership sometimes its Splinterlands assets.

Goodbye SPS airdrop hello passive Splinterlands earnings!!!

Now lets look at active Splinterlands earnings above is one of my daily challenges in which I fell to Silver rank?!

I know its crazy I to make mistakes I'm only barely human, the point here is at Silver rank rewards I scored 2 Chaos legion packs in 10 chests.

While I vastly prefer diamond rank rewards as long as you get many rewards chests in a day you increase the payout.

So if silver or gold works for you all the power to you I prefer diamond Because champion just gets to cut throat & it has a 16 DEC multiplier but that's not to say getting 10 Gold chests doesn't have value or hell even silver.

Just rent em like you got em & give em hell

New Chaos legion card design Fire splinter looking damn passible.

Kill it, kill it with fire!!

HIVE survives nay thrives

With the recent Market Meltdowns the uninformed may think Blockchains like HIVE or WAX are done for.

Think of this as free markets natural selection for every HIVE you have a LUNA for every WAX a SHIB.

Understanding the projects in which I invest my assets is essential.

Getting a better understanding of how projects on that blockchain function the challenges faced by individuals trying to develop a project or create assets on said blockchain.

HIVE has had a massive increase in its number of games in the last year growing from 3 - 4 to over 10 HIVE games now.

I will point out many are in development limbo but many are fully functional.

A new game recently brought to my attention is king of duels with a outlined game launch date of early September.

I have gotten my hopes up before so all I can say is we will see this fall if King of duels keeps its promise.

Presale for packs starts this August you can find King of duels via the link below.

By no means am I insulting those individuals attempting to build HIVE blockchain games quite the contrary. Blockchain game developers are rare & the skillset doesn't work universally you must be highly specialized for specific blockchains.

HIVE is the AP version of Blockchain project development & integration, while minting HIVE assets or rudimentary NFTs is more or less straight forward. P2E games integrated with or built on HIVE are a different beast entirely.

So when I see a new game giving us estimates of a few months I great this with suspicion.

At any rate there are now a few new names joining the HIVE landscape links below.

There are a few more but the new HIVE titles above are the ones I have my eye on.

WAX I'm not going to even start on trying to list all their titles because WAX Dapps & games passed the 100+ mark ages ago.

Nefty Blocks NFT market

Nefty Blocks was previously an NFT market on a singular Blockchain WAXP specifically.

Recently Nefty Blocks added Proton as another blockchain with its own Nefty Blocks NFT market.

I sell my WAX NFTs almost exclusively on Nefty Blocks as there are selling & buying incentives on Nefty Blocks.

WAX NFT Giveaway Tutorial

Every time I post on HIVE I do a few NFT giveaways, the first & larger 5 count WAX NFT airdrop URL which goes to the first user to click the link.

The next 5 WAX NFTs are given away to the first 5 users to comment their WAX wallet address, once I see the comment Ill send you a single WAX NFT followed by a reply stating I have done so. This is for the first 5 users only to leave their WAX address in the comments.

WAX NFT Airdrop

Todays Main airdrop features an Epic / Legendary Splinterlands NFTs, Funko Pop NFTs, & a Hot Wheels NFT.
First 5 users to leave their WAX wallet address in the comments can participate in the secondary WAX NFT giveaway.

Stash Pass Weedcash NFT giveaway

My #stashpass NFTs are part of a raffle use case in which #stashpass NFTs selected every month on the 20th ownership of selected #stashpas NFTs can earn the owner raffle prizes.

Every time I post anything on HIVE I do several NFT giveaways, one such giveaway is my #stashpass NFT giveaway.

How you participate in a #stashpass NFT giveaway is be one of the first 5 HIVE users to comment #stashpass on this post & then Re-blog, gets a #stashpass Weedcash NFT sent to their HIVE wallet.

Raffle instructions for Stash Pass

My #stashpass Weedcash NFTs are part of a monthly NFT raffle taking place on the 20th with the #stashpass NFT ownership being used to determine who wins the raffle.

Full Instructions on #stashpass raffles can be found via the URL below

You can view, buy, or sell Weedcash NFTs like #stashpass here

So the first 5 HIVE users to comment #stashpass & then re-blog this post gets an exclusive limited #stashpass NFT sent to their HIVE wallet.

The Strength of HIVE

HIVE has a tremendous strength unparalleled by any other blockchain that's its users creativity & ingenuity.

Monetizing Social circles leading to interoperation & collaboration never possible before HIVE, STEAM started this trend but HIVE continues to perfect this system.

Our strength is our collective talent determination & creativity, unfortunately there is a bar for entry.

HIVE can be daunting calling it complex is drastically understating how foreign this Blockchain can seem to new users.

If your new dont hesitate to ask questions we where all new once & its not like there are training courses for this topic.

Trying my best to make every new HIVE users experience a positive one is why I do giveaways airdrops & even my #stashpass raffles are designed to help as many fellow HIVE users as I can.

Paying forward what HIVE has given me a community, a Crypto Portfolio, & a creative outlet I actually make money utilizing.

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