May Stash Pass Raffle winners + VIP ticket launch & NFT giveaways


May Stash Pass Raffle winners & of course other NFT giveaways / a WAX NFT airdrop. That's right even you can still be a winner today even if you didn't win this months raffle lets get started.

The May #stashpass NFT raffle winners are the four Weedcash(HIVE) NFT wallets that contained the following 4 #stashpass NFTs.
To be Specific These HIVE users have won this months #stashpass NFT raffle...

@richardcrill @agog @silver-edge @allonyx.ngs

The Prizes this month consisted of 2 WEED Farm NFTs from the HIVE play to earn DCITY that when added to a functioning DCITY build produce WEED daily.
So 2 of these each have been sent to each of your inventories you can find those NFTs either in game or in your asset wallet at the following links.




For the other prize your accounts have all been sent 2500 BUDSX, BUDSX is the Hashkings crypto representing staked BUDS with a passive earning mechanism for owners.
Hashkings used my design for the BUDSX coin so its only fitting its part of a giveaway.
I began sending out prizes at 9 am in Eastern Time Zone EDT (MI) US after I performed the manual Snapshot to verify winners.




BUDSX is a Hashkings HIVE alt which can be found in your Hive-Engine, Tribaldex, & Leodex wallet or any HIVE wallets interface.

The last Prize the winners can find in their respective wallets is a Rising Star NFT.




Rising Star, like Dcity, or Hashkings is effectively a free to play HIVE P2E game. In-fact Rising star is my second Highest earner on HIVE & its totally free.

NFT musicians like Tez are used to boost your base stats such as Skill number of base fans & luck. These stats make progressing through missions easier, weather you won or not you can try the game here via my referral.
You may view this NFT in your in game rising star NFT inventory or like most HIVE NFTs can be found here.
While I'm on the topic many of the HIVE NFT collections can be found on Tribaldex. While you wont see Splinterlands here or packs what you will find are many of the smaller collections like Rising Star, Dcity, & even Weedcash NFTs like My #stashpass NFT colection which is connected to todays raffle.
Okay seamless shameless self promotion on pause for a moment😅
@richardcrill @agog @silver-edge @allonyx.ngs
You should now have the following in your various wallets outlined above, the Prizes shown below where sent out to this months winners this morning shortly after the manual snapshot.
2 WEED Farm NFTs for Dcity, 2,500 BUDSX, & a Single Rising Star NFT No.77 TEZ.

Though I check & double check the winners chosen each month if for whatever reason you feel you won but where missed. Let me know in the comments but as far as I could tell only the 4 highlighted accounts won this month.

Those not fortunate enough to win the raffle your in luck as with anything I post, todays writeup has NFT Giveaways at the end.

Future of #stashpass

So a few things starting today you will be able to buy VIP Passes from the Weedcash NFT store. Like the original pass it qualifies the owner for participation in the Monthly #stashpass Raffle.

Unlike the original Pass Design it will instead only require owning a single NFT of the 3 chosen for the raffle to receive a prize, granted the prizes will be different then getting all 3 of the announced #stashpass NFTs.

Own either pass & you participate in the monthly NFT raffle however only the VIP pass qualifies you to win by owning 1 of the 3 #stashpass NFTs announced.

So good news bad news time, to make this type of monthly prize viable I unfortunately have to charge much more for the VIP pass NFTs.

The Starting price will be 500 WEED which if your a new investor with Weedcash crypto thanks to the crypto market crash now's the time to buy.

I do a raffle drawing every month for #stashpass owners the accounts that have both a Pass NFT & the winning 3 #stashpass NFTs announced. In the case of the VIP pass for every 1 of the 3 NFTs you get a prize so 2 out of three is better then just 1. 3 out of 3 you get the grand prize which is the same as owning a normal pass & the 3 NFTs.

A little difficult to grasp & my apologies for the complication ill be adding the VIP pass instructions to the original #stashpass whitepaper.

The reason for doing this is basically the odds for the original concept defuse rather rapidly as more NFTs get minted. Adding a Mechanism that requires you own only a single NFT from the colection to win seemed like the best way to square that circle.

Those attempting to both get the best odds & bigger prizes now have the more expensive VIP pass option.

As I said ill add the full instructions for the VIP passes to the #stashpass whitepaper link below they can also be found in the NFT description.
Stash Pass Whitepaper
You can find the Weedcash NFTs like #stashpass for sale here.

WAX NFTs Asperations

Nothing concrete (construction joke) but I'm considering branching out to WAX NFTs. So like #stashpass for instance depending upon its overall popularity may eventually have WAX counterparts.

Unfortunately it would not be an oracle based portal, strictly functioning one way utilizing a method of account whitelisting & smart contract integration facilitated through Nefty Blocks.

For those a little lost when it comes to Blockchain Bridges or Portals the link below is my write up explaining most of what I know.
What the overall goal is if this concept of #stashpass proves popular enough WAX makes it possible to integrate the project to a number of use cases or even collaborate with Dapps & games.

For instance having my own #stashpass planet on Galactic123 is a fairly achievable goal. These planets & rewards mechanisms can be edited & modified to facilitate NFT distribution. This would mean you could effectively procure Weedcash #stashpass NFTs from playing a game.

For now this is all a mere dream but a little time & a bit of success with this project in its infancy will provide needed colterol to set up things like a WAX integration.
Rising Stars simplistic model is the most achievable type of NFT colection integration I have seen for a HIVE colection.

With Nefty Blocks market perks collaboration efforts with other cannabis themed WAX NFT collections would be feasible via Super blends. Given I have made contact with & floated the idea with the Weed World NFT colection creators.
The success thus far shows me NFTs like #stashpass on HIVE with even rudimentary use cases. While the market price on HIVE assets has fallen personally I find NFT market Health to be judged by trade volume.

As I said these are asperations if this venture proves successful, fortunately if in-fact I can accomplish this it should result in many new HIVE users as it would be requisite for whitelisting.

HIVE NFT use cases

What is a use case ? Typically this when referring to NFTs means effectively they serve a purpose outside subjective consumer appeal.

This can be accomplished in a number of ways but nowadays is mostly handled automatically through Smart Contract integrations.

Unfortunately HIVE NFTs like my #stashpass colection or the HIVE NFTs found on NFT Showroom lack this option. While they are rather rudimentary there are ways to still give them a use case.

Raffles like my colection offers which while done manually serve a similar purpose.

Since HIVE has a strong social component tied to revenue another good option would be curation upvote NFTs.
Part of my goal is to increase the market appeal of HIVE NFTs, all I'm saying here is think outside the box. Art NFT markets flounder I have seen it happen so use cases rudimentary or not are needed to ensure the markets survival.

WAX NFT airdrop Instructions

Ill still do a single airdrop link on my HIVE (1st) post only. After the Airdrop link has been claimed the first 5 people to leave their twitter or WAX address in the comments on the HIVE post get a single WAX NFT gift sent via the WAX NFT gifting system or Nefty Blocks WAX NFT transfer system.

So if the link has been claimed the first 5 to comment their Twitter or WAX wallet address on the HIVE post get a WAX NFT sent via the WAX NFT Gift system of or WAX NFT transfer system of

Yeah I even do Giveaways announcing other raffle Giveaway winners, Everyone should get a chance to win or at least 15 people.

WAX Airdrop link

Missed the link first 5 accounts to leave their WAX address or linked twitter in the comments get a Hot Wheels WAX NFT sent to their wallet.
Re-blog appreciated but not obligated feel free to share this post 😅

Stash Pass Giveaway

This is how to get your hands on an exclusive #stashpass NFT which is a part of my year long monthly airdrop NFT program #stashpass to qualify to receive one simply...

Re-blog this HIVE post & comment #stashpass

Be sure & do both just a re-blog or comment alone does not count

First 5 users to do so receive an exclusive #stashpass Weedcash NFT.

Each month I will do an airdrop of cannabis NFTs / crypto from HIVE games & Dapps to HIVE accounts that own the 3 right #stashpass NFTs randomly chosen each month.

Buy or sell Weedcash NFTs like #stashpass here

Weedcash NFTs are sold for WEED a HIVE alt available for trade here

Full Details on the raffle system of #stashpass

VIP Tickets on sale now!!!


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