Dont Sleep on Splinterlands or SPS, & NFT airdrops


Splinterlands Chaos Legion Packs & its SPS airdrop are just the beginning of something great. Over the last year I have seen Splinterlands accomplish what I felt was near impossible.

The number of new HIVE users is simply astounding most signed up specifically for Splinterlands. The SPS airdrop lasting a year that is soon to come to an end may have many scared.

I understand why many may view the end of the SPS airdrop with trepidation, & that is a natural response.

However the airdrop was simply meant to distribute SPS, once the use cases of SPS begin we will begin see its full potential.

Today I will go over Splinterlands & Splinterlands related Dapps / crypto. Of course as always I will Airdrop WAX NFTs Splinterlands NFTs to be specific.

What Makes Blockchain Games different

Though Traditional Games in recent months have started to dabble with cosmetic NFTs like weapon skins. Splinterlands NFTs are not the same they have a effect on the game, this isn't a bad thing.

Blockchain games like Splinterlands have been forged in a unique P2P market & in essence built their own economy. One that emphasizes the importance of the NFTs being useful, having a function & serving a purpose.

A game converting to accommodate blockchain & NFTs is at a major disadvantage. Splinterlands Team understands its users, their market, & the importance of balancing their game / our market.

Action leads to reaction understanding the likely market reaction to an action taken by a project at a certain point becomes second nature.

This is the advantage older blockchain games have over traditional games converting to a blockchain game, experience.

So while traditional games by nature have the larger market games like Splinterlands understand their markets demands. A traditional game the expenditure is expected to be a net loss meaning its an expense not an investment.

With NFTs & verifiable ownership compared with how most games currently treat in game items, they couldn't be further apart.

It will be difficult for these two markets to coincide with one another which is why traditional gamers hate NFTs ignorance of their potential.

Nefty Quest & NEFTY

This is related to Splinterlands because RUBIES & NEFTY are awarded for selling WAX NFTs on Nefty Blocks. Given Splinterlands are by far my biggest seller still, you may want to be aware of Nefty Blocks Perks.
The RUBIES from Nefty Quest starting next month will be used at a special RUBIE only NFT market on Nefty Blocks.

You earn points in the weekly Nefty Quest via buying, selling, or simply owning WAX NFTs using Nefty Blocks.
Not only does selling or buying WAX NFTs on Nefty Blocks potentially earn Rubies & prizes from Nefty Quest.
You Earn NEFTY their WAX alt by using Nefty Blocks to buy sell WAX NFTs.
I was not kidding Splinterlands is by far my biggest seller & its made all the better through Nefty Blocks.

Legendary Odds

So besides reselling packs I open quite a few Chaos Legion Packs thus far I have found 5 Legendary Gold NFTs & 9 epic Gold NFTs.

Let me explain a thing or 2 about odds of Splinterlands Packs see they can be altered in your favor a number of ways.
Potions work first of all due to how their packs work the NFTs inside are determined at moment of opening. Why does this matter?

Simple the Potions have an effect when you open the pack the same way you can buy a pack right at the beginning of the Chaos Legion Pack sale wait until today lets say...
Since launch they have added 7 legendary cards to every chaos legion pack even the ones in your inventory or on the secondary market.

Now this is the other way our odds get skewed in our favor, since they added 7 Legendary cards already our odds improved significantly. The thing is you dont need to profit every time just loose as little as possible between profitable Pack openings.

For this I buy on Hive-Engine or Nefty Blocks as the price is around $2.80 worse case scenario I loose -$2.30. Now scale that up I usually have the odds of 1 out of 10 being enough profit to cover losses of those 10.

This is far from fool proof in fact I may open 20 packs & loose money on every one this is simply an average. I have gotten over 20 legendary Gold cards throughout the last year & a half one of these is worth over $100 minimum my largest sale of one was $1,200.

You will loose on a method that doesn't allow for significant losses Ideally you dont sell any of the cheap cards.

Commitment to these projects is not without risk but I have made my portfolio, in part thanks to Splinterlands. Given they have done so well with their SPS, Chaos Legion, & Waka Spiritblade roll out. Not to mention pioneered WAX NFT portals any number of other industry defining contributions.

The Splinterlands team has earned my respect & my trust, underestimate this TCG P2E at your own peril.

As time goes on more Airdropped cards get added to the Chaos legion packs & from what I have observed the Airdropped cards usually are Epic or better the Chaos Legion cards have been all legendary.

Untamed Packs got a few Epic cards airdropped when those packs where still being sold. Dice Packs where all legendary & thus far Chaos legion has been all legendary.

Unfortunately Alpha Orb & Betta Packs where before I joined Splinterlands So I cant Give you info on them.

As the Chaos Legion packs take shape your odds improve, getting rid of cards that now may be worthless is a mistake I have made once before. I refuse to do this twice but those needing to sell make sure your not selling at a deficit what would be the point.

Play the game

Besides making money from HIVE posts mostly Weedcash in the beginning My portfolio really started from me selling this NFT.
Before this I couldn't even afford gas to get to work, few smart investments on my part & now I have sold...
Around $25,000 in NFTs just on WAX between both HIVE and WAX around $40,000. Hell of a Portfolio all this started with Blogging on HIVE for free & this Reward Card from Splinterlands.
Meaning I earned this by playing daily challenges in Splinterlands & received it in a reward chest.
I have a tip about how I think I got lucky on that reward card, the month before they had added new rewards cards to the game
ALMO CAMBIO was one such reward card added.

My theory is the drop rate was Higher due to it being recently added but it could just be I got the RNG gods favor that day. Since this I have missed 1 daily challenge in over a year, with packs now a possible prize why not play.

You will need $10 for a spell book but in my opinion its more then worth every penny. If you have not started playing the best blockchain game in the world Splinterlands, its a buyers market now would be a great time to start playing.
Please consider using my referral above.

Peak Monsters & PKM

For those who may be unaware Peak Monsters is a 3rd party HIVE Splinterlands market.
PKM is the new crypto of Peak Monsters
Given their Liquidity pool for PKM is paired with SPS its a fairly solid way for myself at least to save up on both as the SPS airdrop comes to a close.
On top of the fantastic PKM Liquidity pool a HIVE Diesel pool to be specific. There is a PKM airdrop for those buying more then $10 in Splinterlands NFTs on Peak Monsters at 1 time.
Peak Monsters Card Auctions & Monster Market are the tools Splinterlands Pros use to make things easier on us. Like renting for instance it takes forever in game to rent 1 by 1 what cards you want.

Peakmonsters or Card Auctions both make renting simple by comparison & much faster. Card Auctions gives cash back on all purchases & rentals While the PKM Airdrop only applies to purchases.
You can check out PKM in all its glory here

Looking forward with Splinterlands

Not that I actually have any info not publicly available & I am in no way officially affiliated with Splinterlands.

However I basically think the following will at some point occur in the future of Splinterlands.
You see My theory based on the SPS whitepaper is after the Airdrop stops play to earn rewards are slowly introduced. Much in the similar way DEC functions they are based upon a rewards pool of sorts.
Above where screen shots from the SPS whitepaper there is a good amount of info to go over the full SPS whitepaper link is below.
This is a gross over simplification, but the TLDR is you will be able to stake SPS to yourself & Delegate SPS to other players.

Based upon the SPS staked or delegated it increases payout for the account that won the ranked match. Not only that those that delegate to the winner get a SPS reward.

Effectively this will make pro players & we may delegate to the pros that allow for it / perform the best. This creates a whole new incentive to stake SPS which will cut market supply is my guess.
Once the SPS market looks like supply's are running out they hit us with either the Delegation of SPS like I pointed out above or launch Rift Watcher Packs which you may only buy with SPS.

If you remember the massive DEC spike that was due to the increased demand for DICE packs which you could only purchases with DEC.

My presumption we see the same with SPS & RIFT Watcher packs because they are only bought with SPS.
Splinterlands king of the combo shot you may remember earlier in the write up I stated they know their users & the market.

In this way I believe the demand for SPS will increase substantially, due to the hands off Delegation approach even the hands off SPS airdrop investors will have reason to stick around.

Those of us playing get a better reason to bring our A game & the market will get a first for gaming delegation to pro players for a ROI.

Splinterlands Started everything for me

My NFT giveaways to date have airdropped over 1,300 WAX NFTs to readers. My intention being spread the good word of NFTs & pay forward some of the benefits afforded to myself by WAX, HIVE, & Splinterlands.
Truly thank you all for your support & thanks Splinterlands, WAX, & HIVE giving me opportunities I would have otherwise never had.

Other news

I will drop details on todays giveaways next, but first I would like to point something out if you are playing Hashkings you may have noticed they recently added a BUDS Staking option.
I pitched this image as the design of their new BUDSX the coin received for staking BUDS in game. They must have liked it because now its the BUDSX image on Hive Engine.
A spot of cannabis art on Hive Engine now, This is why HIVE is so awesome it gathers the Dapp creators & fans all in one place.
Hashkings has a DHF proposal for users of HIVE to vote on currently I'm sure they would appreciate your support, details can be found here.

WAX NFT airdrop Instructions

Ill still do a single airdrop link on my HIVE (1st) post only. After the Airdrop link has been claimed the first 5 people to leave their twitter or WAX address in the comments on the HIVE post get a single WAX NFT gift sent via the WAX NFT gifting system or Nefty Blocks WAX NFT transfer system.

So if the link has been claimed the first 5 to comment their Twitter or WAX wallet address on the HIVE post get a WAX NFT sent via the WAX NFT Gift system of or WAX NFT transfer system of

WAX NFT airdrop

If you missed out on the link, post your WAX Address or Twitter account in the comments first 5 to do so get a WAX NFT sent to them.

Stash Pass Weedcash NFT Airdrop

This is how to get your hands on an exclusive #stashpass NFT which is a part of my year long monthly NFT raffle program #stashpass to qualify to receive one simply...

Re-blog this HIVE post & comment #stashpass

Be sure & do both just a re-blog or comment alone does not count

First 5 users to do so receive an exclusive #stashpass Weedcash NFT.

Each month I will do an airdrop of HIVE NFTs / crypto from HIVE games & Dapps to HIVE accounts that own the 3 right #stashpass Weedcash NFTs randomly chosen each month.

Buy or sell Weedcash NFTs like #stashpass here

Weedcash NFTs are sold for WEED a HIVE alt available for trade here

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Complete instructions regarding #stashpass can be found here

#stashpass NFTs obtained via these giveaways can not be purchased from myself personally, 5 users can claim one of these exclusive #stashpass NFTs per post.

If not planning on participating in the #stashpass raffle system simply claim them & sell them its encouraged, since they may be required to win + they are few in number so they are in demand.

I have done this to benefit users most likely to participate in such a give away.


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