Chubbs Zombie Coin Miner Guide & Huge Mine NFT Airdrop


Since I'm one of Zombie Coin Miners top 10 players in the world, this guide is one that I feel I'm over qualified to write. This will be my comprehensive guide for Zombie Coin Miner a WAX play to earn game.

This airdrop is a special one as it may be the most valuable airdrop I have ever given away.


3 lucky readers get a Mine NFT of there very own, this mine is worth $40 when the resources are depleted within it.
In essence you wait for your fellow players to mine the resources via job tickets. Once the resources of your mine are depleted you receive a trade order for $40 in WAX from the Devs.

How Zombie Coin Miner Started

I Literally have been with this NFT colection turned legitimate play to earn since it started last summer. When Zombie Coin Miner first started out it was a NFT colection on Nefty Blocks no Tokens & no game just an NFT blend system.

To facilitate their NFT creation & distribution the launched 3 job ticket (pack) types each requiring certain NFT ownership based white listings to purchase.

The Explorer Ticket, Mining Tickets (connected to player owned mines), & chopping Tickets for lumber NFTs.
Each of the base tickets is a pack containing a single NFT of that category.
When using a Mining Ticket you are in effect exploring another players existing Mine with the potential of receiving the rewards shown above.
To get a Mine the player opens or uses the exploration tickets (how I got the mines I'm giving away today).
Chopping Tickets where used to gather lumber NFTs which where used in NFT blend use cases & now you can even build houses.
To purchase the job tickets the WAX wallet purchasing the ticket has to own the necessary Whitelisting NFTs. Which allows you to purchase tickets of that type your white listed for, one at a time with a timer 1/2 hour - 24 hours in duration.
As this NFT colection shifted focus to a game to keep early investors happy they introduced 4 leader board systems tracking wallets & awarding the top accounts.


As time went on they added a game interface to their site & as phase 2 began they added a FT Fungible Token for NFT Non Fungible Token system. This introduced their crypto ZBC Zombie Coin, ZBW Zombie Wood, & Recently ZBF Zombie Food. Thus far the Tokens serve as a more efficient means of facilitating a Blend system to make larger NFTs.
Such as land NFTs can now have buildings built upon them increasing your daily food growth & crypto ZBF generation.

Current conditions

Many investing in land plots soon became unhappy with the daily ZBF not amounting to much, this has caused the market to panic believing the crypto to be worthless.
The original cost of the land plots shown above was $20 now they sell at $6.20 why?

Zombie coin Miner like many play to earn games requires a level of commitment financially & how often you play. So casual investors may not see the appeal.


Now is a good time to point out my WAX wallet address is akyqy.wam I'm in second place on their chopping ticket leader board.
Not counting the leader board earnings & NEFTY generation I have made $500 on Zombie coin miner NFTs. I did this by observing this project. Sustained white listings are inherently profitable with this game after watching this project for 6 months now I have began to grasp the pace at which the project advances.

Knowing how involved the creators are with their users + how well changes are introduced & implemented. How they handle issues with the project design or game play tells me they have core talent.
After observing how many game mechanics have been changed as Phase 2 started I got a little more serious & started placing on the leader boards.

How to play

One thing you need to understand going into this, Zombie Coin Miner only recently began phase 2, phase 1 was all NFTs with minimal game interaction.

Now with phase 2 starting they are introducing tokenomics & issuing buybacks for their currently awarded NFTs.

This is why much of this game will sound disjointed or confusing, they are working to streamline the process in phase 2.

White listings- The Tickets which are required to run the games missions system. Tickets function as a pack & you purchase them either on secondary markets or be white listed by owning the right NFTs in the Nefty Blocks market.
Your base white listings are Citizens, Zombies, & Explorers all of which are character NFTs.
Just a single Explorer, Villager, or Zombie is needed in either gender (doesn't matter which) In addition you will need 2 tool type NFTs.
A Shovel for Explorers & a Pickaxe for Zombies. Processing all of this allows you to purchase Chopping Tickets with Citizen NFTs.
A Zombie NFT + A Pick Axe NFT to be able to purchase mining tickets.
A Explorer NFT & a Shovel NFT to purchase Exploration Tickets.
There are other Tickets which are larger granting many NFTs with one ticket these mostly require different forms of Vehicle NFTs for white listings.
A Motorcycle NFT, Bike NFT, Skateboard NFT, & Scooter NFT.
For reference as I know this is already confusing my inventory is shown above all the NFTs not crossed out grant specials white listings for ticket purchases.
The only ticket I cant purchase with my inventory is the Mega Mining ticket requiring legendary NFTs which cost close to $50.
24 out of 25 job tickets purchasable 1 at a time with a timer between purchases. You want to buy tickets only via their market drops directly & open them yourself to participate in some of their leader boards.
The monthly mining ticket & monthly chopping ticket leader boards respectfully are the easiest to place on. These leader boards require players to have the appropriate white listing NFTs.
Games Exchange- While in phase 1 all the mechanics revolved around blending NFTs on Nefty Blocks. As phase 2 started they began to slowly incorporate the games exchange instead of Nefty Blocks.
Bottom right of the game menu you have the exchange, the exchange is where the blend & buy back systems are located.
In the exchange you have the store, their ZBC buy back option, the blend systems for vehicles / tools, land upgrades, & the most important NFT for FT exchange options.
the NFTs that can be exchanged for FTs are building materials, Special items & different denominations of ZBC.
Lumber NFTs received from the Chopping tickets gets exchanged for ZBW.
Any other NFT exchanged for an FT will net the user ZBC.
You may use the ZBW or ZBC either for the leader board stats or in blend use cases though if you want they are easily traded as a WAX alt on Alcor
Its much simpler to trade the crypto then it is to sell the NFTs themselves.

Land Plots- Their most recent NFT & Crypto added to the game are Land Plots & ZBF.
You as a player stake a land plot to generate a certain portion of ZBF daily.
Depending upon what level land plot you have you may have additional daily rewards.
Upgrading the base land plots in the exchange menu grants a number of potential daily missions.
For instance my land plot with a Home upgrade allows me to run the minimum fruit harvest mission daily for the cost of 5 ZBF.
So what good does fruit do me or Fish when you have a lake?
Fruits & Fish are just game items not NFTs or crypto however they count towards my accounts TAV Total Asset Value. TAV is measured for monthly rewards for the top accounts with the highest TAV.

All game assets NFTs FTs Fruit & Fish all count towards the TAV of your account.

Why bother?

This quote unquote game is rougher then a barefoot foot race down a dirt road why bother?

A few reasons there are 5 categories for their leader boards awarding top players monthly with WAX prizes.

Since the game is a bit much to deal with those that do get rewarded for their patience.

The game as its actively being made have the WAX resource issues in mind CPU isn't required to buy or utilize the Job Tickets via Nefty Blocks or in game.
We are right at a major turning point in this game as we are right in the middle of phase 2 Leveling up & pets are expected soon in addition to the land plot systems being fine tuned.

Since the game is small not many investors have faith the games roadmap stages will be accomplished ant time soon.

Given how far Zombie Coin Miner has come in a 1/2 year time frame I'm not worried. The markets judgement of this game makes it advantageous to invest now.
By mining via tickets your not only potentially getting to the top of a leader board, you also help to reward mine NFT owning players. Each mine gets a set number of tickets once supplies for that mine are gone the owner of the mine receives a reward.

Zombie coin miner is a game putting its players first those that commit see their commitment rewarded pure & simple.

This is why I bother jumping through the hoops & dealing with less then user friendly game interfaces. White listing your account is more then worth while in my opinion.

Tricks of the NFT day trade

St.Patricks day event started on Zombie Coin Miner on St.Pattys day The exchange shop I went over in the tutorial today has these special packs on sale for 40 ZBC FT.
This does 2 things 1st it introduced a new type of NFT & second increased the burn amount of ZBC driving the price of the ZBC FT up.
Odds are as it shows in the table above for the St.Patricks day packs at the bottom note is says magical fragment.
These Magical fragment NFTs will be curtail ingredients in the upcoming Zom-bbot NFT blend.
Release date TBA, the important part of all this is these packs will only have 5,000 made available for a finite time window.
Since the new Zomb-bot NFT likely connects to lumber production in some wax & the magical fragments will be required to mint 1 Zomb-bot NFT the packs should be fairly valuable.

Keep in mind I'm not a financial advisor nor is this financial or investment advice.

Simply my plans on how to utilize this event to my own ends, Zombie Coin Miner is a sleeping giant & putting in the effort now is likely going to pay off for myself in the long run.

That said I'm already profiting near $500 of this NFT colection & game 🤑.

My next pro tip WAX CPU is killing most play to earn gamers as of late to minimize CPU usage use Nefty Blocks to buy or sell Zombie Coin Miner tickets or NFTs.
Not only does Nefty Blocks charge 0 WAX CPU usage to your account, but using Nefty Blocks to buy or sell generates NEFTY for the user. NEFTY has the added benefit of being used as a payment option on Zombie Coin Miner Drops.
So you can in effect lessen or eliminate ticket purchase costs via NEFTY mining & cash back as well as Leader Board prizes.

By telling you readers all this I serve to potentially loose money if you utilize my tricks you can & likely will push me off the leader boards or at least serve as healthy competition.

Helpful Zombie Coin Miner links

Nefty Blocks Drop page
Their Discord
WAX alt exchange for WAX, ZBC, ZBW, ZBF, & NEFTY
Their Medium

WAX NFT Airdrop(s) tutorial

WAX NFT airdrops via URL I give out 12 NFTs with every post first on HIVE then PublishOx Finally Torum you will find the 3 airdrops easiest through HIVE I leave PublishOx & Torum links in the comments of the HIVE post.

Easy as 1 2 3


I keep everything random giving you the best odds all 3 are airdropped on the same day in the order specified at random.

You may join all three through these links

WAX NFT Airdrop

WAX Airdrop link
That Small Mine HODL that until you get a trade offer for $40 in WAX signifying the MINES resources are depleted & you the MINE owner receive payment.
Zombie Coin Miner Discord
For Details on Mines Visit their Discord link above.

Please one airdrop per account & let other readers know if your the lucky reader to claim the link it helps.


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Chubbs WAX NFT Gallery (Nefty Blocks)
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