WOO Guide - How to set up cards for Mining


Setting Up WOO Cards for Mining

This is a simple guide with screenshots, which will guide you through the process.
At the end of the post there is an overview on how WOO Mining works

  • Scroll down, till you get to the My Collection section a click the Inactive button:

  • Now you will only see the cards which are not mining. Press the Add to Mining Pool button below the card you want to set up for mining.

  • A Hive Keychain window might pop-up. Press the Confirm button to authorize the action on the Hive Keychain


  • Repeat until you have all cards added to the mining pool.

That's it. Your cards are now mining for you!

What is WOO Mining?

  • This is a raffle system for card holders, where 50 unique accounts win each hour.
  • The current reward for 1 winning ticket is 342.466 WOO
  • Tickets rewarded by mining cards:
    • Common wrestler counts as 1 ticket
    • Common manager counts as 2 tickets
    • Rare wrestler counts as 5 tickets
    • Rare manager counts as 10 tickets
    • Epic wrestler counts as 25 tickets
    • Epic manager counts as 50 tickets
    • Legendary wrestler counts as 80 tickets
    • Legendary manager counts as 160 tickets
    • Lore cards give 100 Tickets.
    • Saturn and Raven cards give 2080 tickets.
  • The above is for Common belt cards. Gold belt cards multiple the cards value by 100 (an Epic wrestler would count as 2500 tickets).
  • Cards can be taken back from the mining pool. The cards will be in a 2 day delegation cooldown after this. This means you can't send or sell the cards in these 2 days.
  • According to the latest guesstimate from Booker Man there are about 400 users mining with an average of about 5k points

How to get cards?

  1. Buy cards on the WOO marketplace
  2. Buy and open packs
    Packs were sold out, but are still available on secondary markets like Tribaldex or Hive-Engine. Search for the tokens:
    • WOOALPHA - Contains 5 playable cards except Perry Saturn and Raven. All cards can be common in one pack.
    • WOOSATURN - Contains 1 lore card of any player except Raven or 1 Perry Saturn card.
    • WOORAVEN - Contains 1 lore card (card overview) of Raven or 1 Raven card.

All packs can contain common and/or gold belt cards.

For more info on WOO you can check out my previous post: @arkasz/introduction--faq--woo-wrestling-organization-online

That was all for today. I hope you liked this overview and if you are missing any content, then feel free to ask, or jump into the WOO discord channel.

Welcome to the WOO family!

All graphics were created by the WOO team, I have modified them a bit to fit the content

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