Nine Chronicles - Arena Season 3 My results & my first Solo Mail in ListNerds


In this comment, @bozz asked me how things are in Nine Chronicles and I promised a detailed answer.

Well... I still haven't reached level 200, let me remind you, it's key because they start giving out resources that allow you to make equipment that costs much more than one coin.

My character is level 191, but that didn't stop me from entering the top 2000 in the third event. In both weeks.


Since I did not have 500 coins in my stake, I received the minimum reward for this. 9 coins per week. Plus 23 coins for 63 medals dropped in both weeks. That is, in its pure form, the event brought me 41 coins.

of course, at today's coin rate, this is not much, to say the least. But if you look at the historical data, then at the best time it would not be very bad


Will I withdraw coins from the game - no.
In general, I think that now is not a very bad time to enter the game.
Firstly, a 500 coin stake at a coin price of 25 cents is not that big, but it doubles the level of rewards in events.

Secondly, the development team, although it makes mistakes, is fighting for the project.
An excellent example is 16k participants in the second event and about 6k participants in the third event. Yes, too much referral reward activated the bots and led to the fact that the players got few coins.

They managed to put out most of the bots, however, they also cut the referral system. Now she is not interesting for abuse. However, as for attracting me personally, I was not interested. In fact, now bring a referral 0.1 coin and if he reached level 50 another 0.1 coin.


This is what the rewards for old accounts look like now, while on the old ones they look like this


But this is not accurate, in my opinion Daily Play Reward made everyone 0.3 coins (which gives at least 9 coins per month)

Once again, I would like to remind you of the partnership with Binance. I believe that the moment the coin enters the Binance network, its rate will rise sharply.

By the way, 41 coins is not all that I can get for the third event. I still hope that one of the costumes that will be raffled between the participants will go to me 🤣

The coin is currently traded on KuCoin, and a couple of others that I personally don't use.

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