Roy the Prepper's CraftInk Giveaway - Win up to 30 INK

Hello and welcome to "CraftInk Giveaway"

The winner will receive

🎁 10/20/30 INK tokens 🎁

The Craftink is an upcoming turn-based player vs player NFT card game created by @craftink. The creators of the game are the team behind the excellent HIQ - the only hivestyle magazine ( published by @hiq ). The game celebrates the Hive ecosystem with characters that represent the archetypes of Hivians. CraftInk also commemorates specific Hivians and promises to add more in the future.

The game is not functional but the development team will release a mini-game in the near future.

The first cards booster pack is ready and for sale at the official site

Each pack costs $3 and includes 5 cards of diffrent rarety. The payment options are HIVE or HBD. There is also a bulk purchase discount and INK staking discount. For additional details visit
πŸ‘‰ @craftink/craftink-fomoink-friday-meetup-summary-or-booster-pack-shop-openink--cashback

You can also purchuse the booster packs on the open market at

The probability of receiving diffrent rarity of cards:

Source: @craftink/craftink-fomoink-friday-meetup-or-1st-booster-release--giveaway

If you prefer not to take chances, the newly minted NFT cards are sold at

Giveaway guidelines

  • Leave any comment to participate, win and you will receive 10 INK tokens
  • If you will reblog this post and win, you will receive additional 10 INK tokens
  • If you will tag a friend and win, you will receive additional 10 INK tokens
  • Hive Random Picker will choose the winnerΒΉ
  • The winner will be announced in the next post
  • Good luck!

A special THANK YOU goes to @ quekery and @ smooms for their support of this giveaway. I hope for CraftInk great success.

Craftink themed character

Roy the Prepper

Created with Stable Diffusion by @alex2alex

* The design of the card's frame belongs to CraftInkΒ²

Visit the compilation post with all the characters I have created

πŸ‘‰ @alex2alex/compilation-of-13-characters-for

CraftInk useful Links

To know more about this #playtoearn game visit the official site:

Read all about CraftInk at:
πŸ‘‰ @craftink/introduction-craftink-play2earn2support-nft-tcg

To #trade the game's #ink-token tokens visit:
Tribaldex INK

To trade the game's #NFT cards visit:
CraftInk market

  • Card selling fee 5%

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ΒΉ) @ sentipl is receiving a 11HP #delegation from @alex2alex for creating and maintaining "Hive random comment picker"

Β²) @craftink is receiving 2% of this post rewards

The cover image is created with Canva and with Stable Diffusion by @alex2alex

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