2022 World Cup Quick Predictions: First Round of Group Stage

2022 World Cup Quick Predictions: First Round of Group Stage

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2022 World Cup Quick Predictions

Don't you understand anything about soccer?

Have you joined @HiveBuzz World Cup Contest and have no idea in which team should you bet?

Do you want to pretend to your friends and family members that you know everything what's going on during the World Cup?

Say no more.

Luizeba is here to help you with these QUICK WORLD CUP PREDICTIONS. At least you'll now know which team is the favorite to win each match, so you can go through the motions and pretend to be surprised when the underdog team ends up winning!

First Round of Group Stage

England vs Iran

Winner: England

Senegal vs Netherlands

Winner: Netherlands

United States vs Wales

Winner: United States

Relatively close match, with reasonably chances of being a tie

Argentina vs Saudi Arabia

Winner: Argentina

Really easy match for Argentina. They'll stomp the saudis with 3-4 goals.

Denmark vs Tunisia

Winner: Denmark

Mexico vs Poland

This is the closest match of this First Round, and basically it's a coin flip. Mexico, Tie or Poland: just follow your heart 😝

France vs Australia

Winner: France

Morocco vs Croatia

Winner: Croatia

While Croatia is the favorite to win the match, it's a close call, with good chances of being a tie (similar to the USA vs Wales match).

Germany vs Japan

Winner: Germany

Spain vs Costa Rica

Winner: Spain

This is the easiest match of this First Round, and Spain will probably win the match with a goal difference of 3 or 4.

Switzerland vs Cameroon

Winner: Switzerland

Uruguay vs South Korea

Winner: Uruguay

Portugal vs Ghana

Winner: Portugal

Brazil vs Serbia

Winner: Brazil

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