due to broken spark plugs Honda damaged

The solution so that bonda spark plugs are always maintained and maintained, it's good friends to always have Honda serviced on time and don't let the spark plugs rust due to rust and result in Honda not wanting to run and dying in the middle of the highway. The way to overcome this is by doing timely servicing so that the Honda is well maintained. if possible, within 1 week the Honda is washed, brought in and put into the workshop so that it is checked again so that the Honda looks good, is always environmentally friendly and well maintained.

Don't let the empty Honda bag get damaged hahahah... like what I experienced due to Honda spark plugs I didn't check and I never cleaned. And finally the rusty spark plug didn't fire anymore Honda didn't want to turn it on again. and finally the honda became damaged, had to be brought to the repair shop and had to spend a lot of money so that the honda would come back to life... after the money I realized











ok friends, don't destroy the Honda, don't die in the middle of the road. Please keep your friends' money awake too and don't let it happen because Honda doesn't go anywhere. cause break up traveling for work resulting in damage to the Honda, don't let it break down because Honda broke the friendship of friends and don't get into fights because Honda has been cut off because Honda broke down.

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