Transformers Around Us

Saying I am not impressed with the Transformers movie series would be an absolute lie. But honestly, the last few parts failed to fascinate me miserably. Amazing cars turned into deadly robots fighting together to protect the earth from unfortunate colonisation. Quite a concept to make movies on.

Let’s keep them aside for now.

The vehicle you see right below is no less than a visualisation of a masterful transformer; a human one. And these transformers live around us.

God Bless the Man Behind this

As you can see, it’s an agricultural pump (I guess) turned into a goods carrier. A powerful one. Given the load, I assume it can carry twice as much as a mid-sized pickup truck. No fancy factories or assembly house, no engineer with PhD degree, or not even the finest of craftsmanship— yet, the vehicle moves, carries the load and comes in handy in narrow places.

In our part of the world, mechanical engineering is yet to be developed in full swing. We import most machinery needed in small-sized factories to massive plants. We don’t have many assembly plants of renowned automobile brands, yet, we have a collection of tremendously useful vehicles proudly made in here. From primary design to bringing it to reality, our uneducated engineers can build miracles.

This vehicle is identical to a truck; well, look at the behind. It’s all same. A combination of 4 wheels taking care of the loads, the same drive shaft delivering power to the differential and finally to the wheels, identical suspension on all wheels, brakes, and motor-assisted starter— all look the same except for the engine part.

Kind of naked.

I think adding a bonnet would make it more furnished. But the engineers must’ve another thought about this. He can tell why it’s left naked. Not my concern. I am already too privileged to observe this from close proximity.

But I am curious about the power it produces— can a 32 HP engine carry such a heavy load? Who knew? I didn’t ask the driver about this as they might consider it an insult although my intention is holier than a baptised child; no offence.

Whatever, I wish I could drive it for a while. Or at least move the steering a bit. This could be a lifetime experience for me as I am confident that such an opportunity doesn’t come too often.

Oh, I forgot to mention; this thing can go in reverse as well— even with that load against a sloppy road. Hats off, indeed.

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