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Due to late changing engine oil, and the cause of damaged injection honda vario 150.


The presence of a fuel pump on an injection motor is very important. This component is responsible for delivering gasoline to the injector according to its portion.

It also serves to keep the pressure of gasoline to stay high. To find out the condition of the fuel pump, it will usually be indicated through the check engine indicator.

Injectors on vehicles have a very important role, especially in the combustion process. The injector serves to change the fuel that gets pressure from the fuel pump and then burns and becomes smoke. If the injector has a problem then the possible risk is that the engine will be difficult to start, and the engine sound can become rough.

Therefore, if you are an injection motor user, you must know which part of the injector is a part that must be cleaned regularly.




Cause of faulty injection.

lack of power that occurs in the injection motor is usually due to a dirty air filter, so that the air circulation in the engine does not run properly.

When the incoming air is blocked or dirty, of course the engine performance will decrease and cause the motor to not be powered. The second cause is the condition of the injectors that are not clean.

Effects of Late Motor Engine Oil Change

Oil in the motor serves to reduce friction between engine components. As is known, when the engine is working, there will be a lot of friction from the transmission system, to the pistons rubbing against the cylinder walls.


Motor oil that is replaced late will affect the performance of the engine. Because the dirty oil can no longer protect the friction that occurs in the engine components.

As a result, the oil is not able to provide maximum protection to the engine.
Worse yet, there will be oil deposits in the engine area, sludge or oil deposits can form under the engine, so the oil can thicken like mud.





In an extreme level, for example late to change the oil until the engine oil is completely exhausted, the effect will be even worse. The engine can be damaged, because the piston, cylinder block, and transmission system work without protection.

As a result, the motor must experience a down engine to replace the damaged components. When it comes to piston replacement, the costs incurred are quite large.


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