"Jeff Bezos shows off his package"

Fuck the rich

literally. While I am happily eating sandwiches made by my poor man, I suggest you ladies to find a rich guy.

First you look at Forbes list of insanely rich white dudes:

Bernard Arnault: French dude so no shaving your armpits (Win!). Owns luxury brands like LV and Sephora (imagine the savings). Also has a bunch of kids you can go for. But keep it classy, learn some french -

Oui - Yes
d'argent - money
Je t'aime autant qu'un éléphant coincé dans un costume en latex

Jeff Bezos: Recently divorced, so be their rebound Amazon prime. If he likes you, every time you order from Amazon, your package will come in appropriate sized box and the delivery guy will stop hiding your package.


Elon Musk: Get conflicting financial advice, stale memes and bad dad jokes. Still won't give you a Tesla. You'll also have to endure his boring company. Still think he's attractive?


Bill Gates: Leaving aside the windows for the obvious Microsoft jokes, maintain a positive outlook to score a power point with him. Recent events seem to allege that he is not as angelic as he seems and that you might begin by getting a job at Microsoft (wink wink).


Mark Zuckerberg: But he already knows everything about you...

All memes made on imgflip. The post is meant for fun, if you take it seriously then I'll replace my monkey with you.

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