The power of Sleeping.

Hello dear sportives !


Today i want to share you something I learned through my short existence.

Sleeping is an absolute need for you body and your soul. And as a lot of our need, we need to take care of it.

Most of you probably already experimented to not sleep enough. If you do that way, you'll feel tired and would probably have less energy than if you had a complete night. If it happen sometimes, this isn't a problem if those times are spaced enough.

When you start to pass several night without sleeping enough in a row this starts to be more problematic, you can have memory issues, be more irritating and have a loss of concentration. You would start to have less and less energy and you can also add a loss of motivation.

But a lot of people ignore that sleeping too much is at least as much dangerous as not sleeping enough.

When you sleep too much, you will fast feel more sad, will lost all motivation and will just want to stay at bed and sleep more. More than that if it lasts for several days you will start to loose so much motivation that getting out of your bed starts to be a real effort.

And there starts a real vicious circle because sleeping too much puts you in the exact same feeling that depression does and "helps" you to fall into it. And when you're depressed you just want to lay on your bed and do nothing more than waiting, watching movies or maybe masturbating which is probably the most exhausting thing you do when you're home alone.

That's why you can understand why sleeping too much time is a real problem when doing sport because for me the most difficult thing about sport is the motivation. Which is also the most omportant by the way.

During a period of my life, two years, i was in that case sleeping at least 10 hours a day if no more. When I finally started to sleep proper nights with a decent rate it started to be much better for my life and I was way more involved in School's sport.

When you see that Sleeping is so much Important for Sport and Motivation in general, investing in a good bed and it's equipment is a good thing and can really improve your whole life.

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