Deflated Balloons and Crossed Fingers! || RANTS OF A GUNNER FAN

Memories of the 07/08 season is upon us right now . Seems the Jinx is back at the Ashburton groove . Is this the end of the party for the Gunners? I bet you know I'm weary typing this

You see, being a dedicated and relentless Arsenal fan comes with its own share of disappointments and bants( especially from rival club fans) . As a gunner fan , trust me you cannot get enough of the trolls .

Sometimes I wonder, why I'm relentless supporting this North London team despite the tough and tourtous road over the years? Is it a tough love relationship??
I'm really still finding answers to these bemoaning questions of mine

It's been about three decades since the gunners laid their hands on the Epl trophy . Yeah ! The invisibles!! . Clearly a bragging right any Arsenal fan will be quick to rant about when there's an argument. You really can't blame us, probably when there's a team to go unbeaten all season to win a league then you can.

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Not withstanding, this never enough. Every genuine Arsenal fan will like the team to go back to it's past glory days and become that once fierce team the English premier league feared.

Fast forward to the 2022/2023 season which the English premier league is at right now we are top of the table surprisingly after 21 matches with 3 points .

C'mon from a 5-8 gap lead running into the new year we are just 3 points ahead of defending champions Manchester City .

Situations like this at the Emirates will always be questionable. Likee , why do we always have to fall short when the ovation is really loudest ?

Funny how we're playing City today and for the past 3 seasons or so we've really not had a headway with them . One just wonders if it's time for us to see ourselves drop of the top or not ..


I really did not expect the article to go this way , but I'm hopeful the boys won't let us and themselves down . C'MON YOU GUNNERS!!

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