Can Real Madrid catch up on Barcelona FC as they race towards the Spanish premier league trophy?

There is this joy that flows in my heart and gladdens my heart any time I hears the word that teams in different league are going head to head trying to see which team will steals the shows by winning their local league and at same time winning other sub trophies or trophy that is available in that their local league. When you begin to see such competition, you will be happy watching any match coming out from that league and the good thing is that when people begin to talk about that competition you will see more and more investor's and just common man deciding to also have a look at what is happening in such league. You will see the league growing in all ways, that is one thing that I always love no matter what. I dislike the very moment when I see that it is just one team that is dominating a league year in year out. It doesn't makes such league interesting at times, I love to see a room given to other teams to also have the chance to showcase what they are made up of. Just like what I said above, such thing always catapult such league to an apex height.


For those that are fan of the English premier league by now they will understand better what I am saying. The competition in the English premier league competition is always in another gear. There is no way you will see any team winning the English premier league competition with ease. You will have a run for your life. If you are doubting you will see that even before this current season we all saw how Liverpool fc have been giving the Manchester city team a chase for their life before they can eventually lays their hands in the English premier league trophy. Even Pep Guardiola admit that upon all the league that he has coached, the English premier league is the strongest that he has come across, he said that this is simply because he has never won any trophy easily. It always comes the hard way for him and he admit that despite that, he has grown to love the English premier league competition very well.

Just take a look at what is happening currently, take a look at the English premier league trophy chase between Arsenal fc and Manchester city, you will notice that same chase is being seen here. when it comes to the English premier league title competition you never can get it easily. The moment you slip you should have it in your mind and heart that you are in trouble. I told the Arsenal fc fans that their team are performing well but they should no be carried away, the English premier league is not a league where you celebrate half way, if you do it, you should knows that disappointed can also locate you half way. We all saw how Liverpool fc lost the English premier league trophy to Manchester city with just one point. The moment they slip, that is the end of the English premier league trophy competition for them that season. The Arsenal fc team in their last two matches have dropped point, this is definitely looking like a big issue for them already.


Now deviating from the English premier league competition and turning to the Spanish premier league, I must admit that what I am seeing is impressive. Sometimes when some team are passing through issues I believe we should see that as strategies or cooling down period for the team. They might be working secretly to give the team another good approach. Take a look at the Arsenal fc team in the English premier league competition, you will see that some time past they were the one that everybody were laughing at, we never knew they were building their team and right now they are doing just fine. I was surprised that same thing happened to Barcelona fc, we all were laughing at them by saying that the mighty has fallen. I must admit that I am really happy that they are now back to their very best. I am just so happy that they are very fast to bounce back from their fall, this is impressive I must admit.

To cut the long story short, Real Madrid seems not to be doing anything good at all, they have lost their form after winning the Uefa champions league, Spanish premier league, and all the other trophies involve last year. They are simply team of the season. Right now if you checked on the Spanish premier league table you will discover that the Barcelona fc team are topping the chart with 11 point difference, this really shows that it might be their season to lift the trophy. It shows that Real Madrid are not in their best.

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