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2021 World Gymnastics Championships Preview

With this year's gymnastics worlds championships starting in just a few days, and with so many of the Tokyo stars missing from this event, there is a lot of excitement to see who will win medals in women's gymnastics.

There are many gymnasts I am looking forward to seeing, such as Konnor McClain in her 1st senior international competition, the return of Chinese gymnast Li Shijia after her injuries, I would love to see South Korean gymnast Lee Yunseo finally win a deserved medal on uneven bars,... Speaking of uneven bars, many gymnastics fans felt that Becky Downie was unfairly treated by the British Gymnastics Association and left out of the Olympic team, though her exercise would have contributed a higher score to her team, Becky is back and, with Nina Derwael out of this competition, Becky is the favorite to win the title on her best event.

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