SportsTalkSocial TWC - Write about your Favorite Athlete?

Hello, Sports lovers & lovers of the SportsTalkSocial community. Last week we had a great first Topic Writing contest, but realized that 4 days to write an entry is very harsh to our bloggers. Which is why we have changed plans, instead we are going to start the second topic writing contest today that will last till next Saturday so that everyone gets a chance to think and participate.

So the Topic for this week is "Write about your Favorite Athlete?"

As last week, the topic was based on just football, we thought it was unfair to the other sports. So to bring all the sports together in one contest, this might be the best way to do it. Regarding this topic, you can write about any Athlete from whichever sport you like, why do you love him/her? Why did you start to follow the Athlete? Favorite moments, What makes him/her different from other Athletes? What we would like is if you have any pictures supporting the Athlete or a nice story that explains everything from beginning to end.

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Rules and How to join the contest

1️⃣ You're only allowed to make one blog for this contest.

2️⃣ The blog can be written in English or any other language with English translation.

3️⃣ Title should include Sports Talk Social TWC, Example (Title - Sports Talk Social TWC)

4️⃣ Comment with the link of your entry/blog for the contest.

Deadline & Final

Last day to enter the contest is 24 March 2023 at 23:59 UTC and as it stands and if things go well, the result day which we have called Final will be on 27 March 2023.

Last but not the least, make sure to post your blogs on Social Media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, twitter and don't forget to tag/mention @Sportstalksocial and use the hashtag #sportstalksocial & #TWC as well. Good luck to everyone participating!

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