Fontaine Bleau climbing diary

Hello Sportstalk community,
Usually I am not blogging about any kind of sports as I am not an expert in any sports matter. Anyways I would like to show you some amazing rocks We climb in the forest of Fontaine Bleau in France.
Every year in September or Oktober a group of ours is meeting up in this beautiful surroundings to climb boulders. These rocks are the remains of an ancient ocean that was here million years ago.

French alpinist started to use these rocks as a training ground for their alpine ascents. The stone is sandstone and has a very nice touch for a climber although it is also heavy on the skin.

Bouldering is done on rocks that are not high so you don’t need to tie into a harness. Instead when you fall you jump on a so called crashpads. The person not climbing is the spotter and their only objective is to push you onto the crashpad in case of an uncontrolled fall.

It is a very nice sport to do since you are in the nature all day and the community around this sport is a very friendly one. There is no signs of rivalry or competition since the only opponent you have is yourself.

The rocks are categorized by difficulty and there is routes to climb for beginners and experts alike. There is always some routes that will challenge you physically or sometimes mentally, since there is quite a few boulders that are very exposed and you gotta fight your fears.

Enjoy the pictures and I will keep you updated about what rocks I managed to climb.

The Elefant stone

Beautiful woods

Me spotting photo by Agathe

Me climbing photo by Agathe
This was on day 1 and we had amazing fun in the area around
L’elephant wich is a rock shaped like an elephant.

Today we will go to Chance aux Merciers, which is the most beginner friendly area.

Hope you enjoyed the little detour in the french woods.
See you soon on hivefest?

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