No Porsche F1 Team for 2026 - Wrong Attitude


Formula 1 is getting a lot of traction an attention world wide, in the last 10 years the amount of races has increase with some tracks been cancel and new tracks been opening with the most recent one in the United States one of the main targets for Formula 1 due to the amount of population. For a long time Formula 1 was consider a boring sport, there were times that the first place got about one minute of advantage over the cars behind, the difference of performance between the top teams was big considering the rest of the grid but on 2021 a new set of rules was introduce to make it more competitive and give a bigger chance of small teams to get closer, a cost cap was implemented there for big manufactures would not have the advantage of unlimited budget to develop their cars and the design of the cars have been improve so they can follow each other closer.

On Formula 1 there are teams who manufacture everything from their chassis, suspension, drive train and engine, while others buy parts from this other manufactures. For the most parts the three big manufactures were Ferrari, Mercedes and Renault but until a few years Red Bull Power Train came in and start building their own parts and very recently with their partnership with Honda will start producing their own engines.

Entering Formula 1 as a new team is not easy task, if not ask Andretti a very well known motor sport team in many categories, who so far have not been accepted into the club. Becoming a manufacture is another entire league keep those to things in mind.


To be the best is better to learn from the best. It would make 100% sense for Porsche wanting to partner with Red Bull with their most recent achievement as world champion again but they are also manufacturing their own parts, as I mention before achieving any of this two is not easy and its harder to be the hole package their for if you are going to partner with the world champion team who is also a manufacture you cant come with your hands empty and I'm not talking about money, they already have money, they have the best car, the best driver, the best team, the best factory in terms of results besides Red Bull doesn't need any marketing help as their energy drink is very well known around the world plus their other branches into xtreme sports.

In life money is not everything and their are things money cant buy, I tell you what you cant buy, a Formula 1 team who was build from zero and now days the only manufacture that doesn't produce cars, for the most part sells energy drinks. Imagine how proud that should feel, becoming the number one multiple times on a field that years ago had nothing to do with your business.

Porsche buys 50% of Red Bull Racing

That never happen but was their plan to buy their way into Formula 1, Red Bull already has what Porsche was offering, the amount of experience, development and talent within the Red Bull team is a much more value asset meaning if Porsche cant bring anything else than money then that deal was never going to flourish and they were sentence to fail from the start.


Team Boss, CEO, Christian Horner has been the biggest advocate ever for Red Bull Racing independence, thats what makes them unique from everything else on the Grid, what makes this team so special, for this reason if anyone wants to partner with Red Bull Racing they will but wont have a saying in the direction of the team, giving 50% to any one else would do the very opposite. At the time Dietrich Mateschitz the founder of Red Bull holding 49% of his company at the moment was incline to let the deal happen but Christian opinion had a lot of weigh to turn things around, Dietrich who sadly pass out last year was a man also proud of Red Bull Racing independence and the uniqueness of the team, been the only team on the grid who does not produce cars and still be on top.

Giving up that much control to any partner and in this case a corporation like Porsche puts at risk the team independence and may suffer same problems as Ferrari and Alpyne does with constant scrutiny from their corporate members. On the other hards teams like Red Bull Racing and Mercedes have taken a different approach becoming idependent branch from the car manufacture in the case of Mercedes. Totto Wolf the Team Principal and CEO of Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team is equal partner with Mercedes and INEOS turning the team into a private entity same as Red Bull Racing avoiding any type of corporate interventions.

Most things in the world have a price but there are also circumstances and events, sometimes it just has to be the perfect time.


With a different approach to join Formula 1, its sister company under group VAG, Audi has secure his place in Formula 1 season 2026. Audi made a partnership with Sauber currently racing under the batch Alpha Romeo and using Ferrari parts, their agreement is a slow introduction with acquiring 25% on 2023 scaling to 75% by 2026. Different than Porsche, Audi has decided to produce their own engine and acquire a team to provably avoid the entire "New Team" drama.


What is the Concorde Agreement?
It is a contract between Formula 1, governing body the FIA and the teams which wish to compete in the F1 World Championship.
It is so called because the first iteration of the document, drawn up back in 1981, was initially discussed at the FIA offices, on the Place de la Concorde in France’s capital Paris.

Entering Formula 1 is not only buying parts, any new team who wants to enter the sport needs to be approve by the FIA and the rest of the teams, there have been other teams who wanted to enter and so far have been denied and most of the time is the other teams who on one hand want to keep the sport pure, after all is a show that they have work very hard investing a lot of time, money and taking a risk that others didnt want to. Any new team that joins Formula 1 will have to pay 20 Million USD to each of the 10 rival teams on the grid as introduction fee, this agreement runs until 2025 when the new set of rules and changes will be implemented.

Entering F1 as a new team will become harder, the sports is changing at a fast pace, more tracks opening in the US and around the world who want that massive amount of fans that brings an event like a Grand Prix, I guess this fees will increase as the sports grow and become more popular, some may say its cheap to join now but with recent attempts to join like Porsche and Andretti been denied is an indicative that it is not an easy task, any team who joins the sport will have to bring value assets to the sport other than a brand, money and marketing.

It has been said that getting to the top of the grid in average may take up to 10 years at minimum, this is only to be competitive and there are multiple variants on the way.

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