Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix 2023 - Sunday Race - Personal Thoughts


Do not get me wrong I enjoy the race because there was some drama into it, the fight between Leclerc and Magnussen going back and forward at each then Verstappen gaining position, on a similar situation was Russell who finish fourth so the race was not that bad although at some points became boring, to be honest there are a few people I know that can stand an entire race because most are boring at times but my problem with the Miami GP from what I saw online is how they want to make it a show like the Super Bowl, I think on Formula 1 that doesn't work, you cant be interrupting drivers and engineers prior to the race on Sunday, you want to show them off do it during practice days but once Quali starts on Saturday that's it, we talking a guy is about to jump into a car that goes from zero to three hundred kilometers in a blink of an eye, that's no joke, I started to watch the pre race show and you can tell how drivers didnt like it.

Lando Noris: “None of the drivers like it, but it’s not for us at the end of the day. I mean, we do a lot of things, probably the only sport where we’re so close to the fans, we do so much publicity for the fans. As drivers we all just want to sit down and focus on what we need to focus on and not do so much TV and everything.”
George Russell: “It is distracting because we’re on the grid for half an hour in all our overalls in the sun, and I don’t think there’s any other sport in the world that 30 minutes before you go out to do your business that you’re out there in the sun, all the cameras on you and making a bit of a show of it.”

I always felt that sometimes the Texas race had a similar vibe at the end of the race during the interviews but Miami was a shit show from start to finish, Formula 1 is not Hollywood, Formula 1 is not Super Bowl, Formula 1 is no joke, people can literally die from mistakes.

Lets talk about the outrageous prices for tickets, I have never been to race but I think that paying over $1k might be to much and if that's the case I will never go and watch a race in person but I will gladly support buying merch outside of the track because that's another topic, some merch shops abuse with $100 caps, $450 mini helmets that are for €164,95 on Max Verstappen website, yes the accommodations are cool, very beautiful, great weather, it looks great with the stadium in the middle but takes a lot from what track races are, I don't want to sound as a purist and I'm not against changes but there is a limit, but I'm not going to stop been a fan of the sport for one track, I just hope other tracks stay put to their way of doing things that have been working for a very long time, can you imagine how stupid inaccessible will be the Vegas race?? I read last year hotels would buy tickets in bunch to offer this full package deals for the race.

Whats next F1 Drivers Shores (Tv Show)??


There were a few records, because Max is destroying them, of the most races won starting from the back of the grid, last year Max started this trend of starting at the back in Hungary, started 10th and won the race but that was not enough he spin did a three sixty spin with thirty laps to go and still won, WTF , this weekend Max started in place nine, start gaining positions and with only fifteen laps he was already second place pulling that job takes a lot of talent plus the great car that he has, talent is more important than the car we saw how Sergio Perez on this race started to make mistakes towards the end of the race and Max kept a better consistency until with ten laps to go finally catch up by then I knew the race was over. After the win on Miami Max is now tied with Vettel for the driver with most wins for Red Bull.


After the Miami GP the gap between Red Bull, drivers and team, increase with Sergio Perez thirty points over Fernando Alonso on the Aston Martin and Max Verstappen with frothy four points ahead, if I have to say I'm very glad for the first five places, in my opinion the best drivers from this four teams I hope Hamilton can keep pushing through the rest of the year because he is there only because of Russell DNF on Australia.

Constructors Championship is even worst, Red Bull has a hundred and twenty two points advantage over Aston Martin but the race between Mercedes and Aston Martin is very close.

Most teams will bring their A game for Imola, this race is schedule for May 21, Ferrari and Mercedes are the two teams who have mention will have the most upgrades done to their car, Aston Martin also mention that by the Imola race the would be done with their upgrades meaning that at that point we will really see if Red Bull lower amount of time on the wind tunnel mainly because of the cost cap infraction will have effect on their performance, Russell keeps saying Red Bull is sand bagging but who knows, the truth is that if all this upgrades don't get Ferrari, Mercedes and Aston Martin closer to Red Bull and they keep pulling its game over for this season, having Max wining races from the back of the grid now days is so normal, he does it almost effortless when years ago it was a very hard task to do so, if you started after sixth place it was almost a death sentence for race.

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