FPL GW1- Samostically Picks - Hive Fantasy Premier League

In my last video, I shared my thoughts on the upcoming fantasy premier league and my excitement as we would be having a Hive League!

In today's video, I share my picks ahead of game week 1.

In this video, I explained why I opted for the 3-5-2 formation and why Gabriel Jesus broke the record for the most picked player ever in a match week.

Feel free to join us before the season starts!

Hive FPL Update: Creating a Hive account, League and Community

I had slight problems with my video encoder but it doesn't stop you from enjoying the video :)

feel free to share your thoughts! A reblog would be appreciated too.

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I am @samostically,I love to talk and write about chess because i benefited alot from playing chess. sometimes i share my thoughts on life in general and i write about my love for hive and crypto!
I love to engage with others and i love communication. I believe life is all about staying happy and maintaining peace.


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