Does Anger Help You In A Fight?

You think you can fight and only you have to get angry. When you are angry, you can do anything. Anger might make you feel stronger. For the time being, you can do some crazy stuff, but that might do more harm than good.

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If you think just throwing some punches will do the job, you might get disappointed when you see that does not work. Once the fight starts, no one can tell how long it will continue. So starting a fight out of anger is a bad idea.

You cannot think clearly when you are very angry. It happens to everyone. Even you know how to fight, but you are very excited, you might not be able to use your skills properly.

Most of the time, you will lose control and do something due to anger that you should not have done. That is the worst part. At that time, you might not feel that. But later when you realize what you just did, you will regret it.

In a fight for self-defense, your intention is not to show what you can do and you are the hero. You want to fight to defend yourself. And every move that you make is to accomplish that.

What if you win in a fight and get hurt pretty bad? Your focus is to get out of that in a safe way. Unfortunately, when you get angry, you might lose your focus, and that might put your life in danger.

So what do you think? Please feel free to leave your comments below. Thank you so much for reading this post. That's it for now. Stay safe. Always be happy!

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