Watch out for my talk football initiative room

Sport to me is part of life and I strongly believe that is the best way to bring people together, especially football if am not wrong, cause this is one thing we all have in common when it comes to the activities we engage in at times

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As the football season is fast approaching,I hereby present an initiative or let me e saying am going to be coming up with a talk room where you can TALK FOOTBALL ACROSS THE GLOBE ROOM,which means this platform is going to give you the avenue to

discuss all FOOTBALL related issues and gives your preview on matches and even speak on matches with other users while the match is on going,with this also you can also gives live updates to help users who are not on watching too to get updated, transfer and lot of things too are welcome.

Be alert and be ready to TALK FOOTBALL and also talk about matches and happening in all the league's across the world.

I want to believe that this initiative is not in anyway looking like a copied one and will be tagging @leedsunited to look into it before I go ahead with it,just as he also have a sport room platform,but which I want i say mine is different from the boss own before i proceeded with the first post of this initiative.

Watch out for the first edition of TALK FOOTBALL across the globe

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