A quick look at some stat in the ongoing Euro2020 tournament so far,

Do you know that 24 matches as been played out of the 51 matches that are to be played already and matches are to be played across 11 great cities

55 goals as been scored so far too and 2.30 goals per match and 39 minutes per goal

Most goals as been scored in the 46-60 minutes,15 goals have been scored within this period

Italy are the country with most goals,that have scored 6 goals so far in this tournament followed by Holland, Belgium and Portugal who have scored 5 goals each too

Ugurcan Cakir of turkey and Stole Dimitrievski of North Macedonia has the most saves of 11 each ,with Rui Patricio of Portugal,Georgio Bushchan of Ukraine and Danny ward of Wales following closely with 8 saves each

Italy, Sweden and England are the only country yet to concede a gaol in this tournament.

6 penalties has be played so far in this tournament,in which only two countries have managed two scored from the spot so far, Cristiano Ronaldo and Memphis Depay are the only players to have converted from the spot so far with the other four been saved by the keeper(rebound not inclusive)

Only one red card as been issued so far and it was in the second half for Poland against North Macedonia and they lost the match and 60 yellow cards as been awarded so far and more to come

Thanks for reading more to come in my next article