This Euro2020 is a special one that being played in 2021. Many absentees are gone way early to make room for the remaining four. So far Denmark looks like the stranger from the park. It does not take away their effort to get there. They play winning Football and it is well deserved. England found a way to reach the Semi-Final loud and clear with Kane at the helm. Italy they play like they are fighting to win the game and they did. Spain got there by penalty. They missed quite a few but the last one counts the most.

France was the favorite going through this Euro2020. They play beautifully by scoring amazing goals. They allowed another team to come back and beat them in penalty. I guess they forgot to play defense at the end. Maybe they were not ready to repeat their last World Cup win. Belgium shows some glimpse of greatness but fell short with lack of goals. They do not like the same team from the World Cup.

Germany Football has been in decline for some time. I cannot believe Mueller is still playing. They probably lost the culture they have in the 90s. At the beginning Portugal could not make a breakaway to continue their last win from the Euro. I am thinking England should be the team to beat. The Final could be England vs Italy and England wins it all. English Football look imposing right now. The Euro has a tendency for a team you do not think, can win it.
The Dens can win it too if England cannot shake them.

Spain vs Italy matchup will be fun to win. It is the bastion of Football for a while. Many of the players know each other well. Football as a team play and they have a few time training.
The level will be off the mark.


I can say the same for the Copa America. Brazil and Argentina are through. Peru and Colombia will find a way to make it difficult for them. Rest assured a Brazil vs Argentina are what the World is waiting for. This is Messi last chance of winning something with Argentina. Brazil may not make it that easy.

Everything will be done by next weekend to make room for the Olympics. That was some Football we had. The schedule will be tight for them all since most seasons for the club will start in August. Any player participating in Olympics will help them be seen more and earn better contract.

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