I had to say this anyway, Messi scored a beautiful goal while Dembélé was missing most of the opportunities he had. Clearly the time is no longer in the side of Barcelona to win a Champions League.
Messi is definitely out of the equation for Barca. The team should go to a full rebuilding mode after Messi. So far they are still competing for La Liga. Who knows.

PSG did not play great but enough to win through the second leg. They do not have Neymar available.
Hopefully they can try like last year to get something out of this. The competition will get interesting as we move closer to round of 8. Next week Chelsea should take care of Atletico.

Haaland was the man of the match over Dortmund vs Sevilla. The match ended 2-2, it was not enough for Sevilla to repair the damage from first leg. Haaland scored a goal like the Brazilian.
Even though it was changed he scored again a penalty. He just want to play.

I found it weird to see Liverpool cruising in UCL and struggling in EPL. Two nice goals by the same players of the first leg. It could be a sign they will play better back the rest of the season in EPL.
Mane and Salah can be a problem when they put their mind into it. Knowing they could be out of contention for Premier League, they are pushing for UCL, that could be the case.

Messi is out so does CR7. I did not see him in the game at all. Chiesa was the player scoring goals.
Porto did get the best of them. Juve got derailed early cause of the penalty. This is Porto time to move
ahead in the round of 8. CR7 is playing jubilee right now. I do not think he can do what he use to do in Real. That was his shiny time.
Time to see new glory on the field and hope to see Neymar back for a last dance for PSG. Hope he stays there like he said again.

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