Aston Villa, thank you for this giving Chelsea such a hard time in the first half. They should score as much goals as they want if they have Lukaku. By the way #Manchester United is cruising quite well today. When you have CR7 onboard, this season is coming to bloom all the way. EPL is having the fun of the fans this time.

Watching the game from the beginning I want to give it up again to Aston Villa for sticking to their game. Aston took care of possession of the game. They made key changes to force Chelsea. The left side was really over utilized by Aston to score and change the dynamics of the game.
Saul could not adjust properly throughout the first half allowing Aston to run the way they want.

If it was not to Chelsea defense, the result could be different. Watching the first half was not the best to watch from Chelsea. Lukaku touched the ball once and that was the goal. I mean, allow Lukaku to have more touches is like giving him a candy jar where he can pick his place on the field.

Second half was more open and joyful to watch. Chelsea found ways to hold on to the ball. Jorginho with Kovacic did take care of business right in the middle. The mistake for the second goal got me to laugh. Chelsea playing crappy first half, found a moment to shine and cause more pain to Aston Villa.

There is no denying Chelsea is way better than Aston. It is the way the game was played that captures my attention. Chelsea could have done a lot better job in offense. Having lukaku upfront hardly touching the ball is a little hard to swallow. Actually Lukaku made sure any chances he gets turn to a goal.
It was defining moment at the end of the game to see him adding another headache for Aston.

As a whole it was a decent game for both teams where Chelsea proves to be the superior team. It is getting a little bit easy for Chelsea as long Lukaku can get the ball at the right moment. He does not miss much when money is on the line. This season is getting frantic every passing matchday.
How is your team play this weekend?

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