What a dream come nightmare! Blaming the schedule for the poor record may not sit well with Lampard. Chelsea is sitting at 26 points. It feels the positive air has left the building. Next match should be a clear win to move forward.

In the last couple years, Chelsea always find the way to hold top four. Apparently this year it will be a mere surprise to see the team reaching that milestone.
In the meantime Manchester United is enjoying top team in the EPL. They had some late matches and now they caught up with the pack with 17 games. They are ahead with 3 point of Liverpool.

It might look surprising to see MAN U. that high but they grinded to get there.
All they have to do, keep winning and act like they are champions again. All of a sudden they are right there competing. As always the fans cried afoul for the manager to go. Hum it seems it works now.

Liverpool and City are not going to just let it go. It will bring more fierce competition and make the game more appealing.
Pogba could be the missing piece United wanted since ever.

Sheffield finally won a match. Hopefully a couple more can get them out of the bottom. It is like everyone expect them to lose every week. What a dilemma.
Can't wait to see how this weekend matchup will play.

Manchester United needs to win again to cement its place on top.
Chelsea need to take care of Fulham to advance.
So many great games you better be ready to enjoy EPL.