In less than one hour the drama of week four will start in the NFL. Yesterday I could not watch any sport due to my internet was out. I hope not. The TV is still acting up. I think I need to change the box, hopefully the pixilation issue should pass.

This week the game either you are a fan or not should be Sunday Night Football between #Patriots vs #Bucks. As you know Tom Brady is going back home. After spending 20 years with Bill, now his service is with the Bucks where he won a Championship already. Everyone thinks Bill needs to retire knowing his time is over.

Bucks are a lot better team than Patriots. Easily we all can pick a winner. It will not be so easy knowing nostalgy will be high among the players. This game were put there at this slot for a lot of reason. This is the only live sport to watch for a Sunday night. Play well guys.

I feel the pain for the #Steelers playing the resurgence of #Packers. Ben is not the same man and Aaron wants to leave Packers this season plentiful. Hard to see a scoring line in the favor of the Steelers. Only defense can help Ben and the Steelers to win this game. Never say never.

#Panthers have not lost a game so far. Playing #Cowboys could be a breath of fresh air knowing how comfortable is #Dak in the pocket. It will be an amusing game to watch how Carolina handle Dak. Winning in the NFL is an affair of preparation with keeping you opponent offensive power of the field.
If Cowboys score first, they will milk the clock with Elliot running the ball time and time again.

#Chiefs should take care of #Eagles with ease. I am just saying. Every given Sunday bring a new approach and experience to both teams. Chiefs lost two in a row. It could be over before half time. Eagles QB has a big shoe to fill against Mahomes.

#Dolphins should do everything to take that win against the Colts. Both teams are in trouble. Dolphins QB, Tua is hurt. Dolphins defense can put a up a fight to get that victory. Losing three in a row is enough motivation to go out and get a win for the sake of the game. Let's go #Colts

#Titans should run the ball all day. #Jets are still looking for the next win. This is easily one way game knowing Vrabel will apply pressure early. #Saints should be in good place with Jameis. #Giants should play safe knowing Jameis will throw like crazy. I know things change with him as long the old Jameis does not show up. At least he can throw.

#Cardinals will meet #Rams. This match is special since both teams are 3-0.
#Rams look so poise to make an entrance this year. #Cardinals in paper look better to care this to victory. I know it will be a tight game where QBs will have to play neat. Defense deserves 50% of any wins in the NFL. Cardinals play better defense. Kyler is agile and always find a way to deliver the ball. This guy could play Baseball if he wants to, this is how good he is.

#Browns vs #Vikings will be interesting. As long Mister commercial manages the situation, I can see them going far this season. No OBJ and they are putting point on the board. #Lions vs #Bears, this should be win number one for the Lions just on stats. On the field when you have 0-3 attached to your back, the other team will take it as a punitive effect to keep you there.

#Seahawks look ready to take this home. Lack of defense is the problem for them. #49ers could control the game and cause more misery for a team once with playoffs caliber. Falling 1-3 will be a problem for Russel. He will have to throw the ball more where trouble could arise.
#Ravens vs #Broncos, it will be easy to consider the power of rushing the ball, but #Broncos defense will come at end full fledge. As long Lamar and company can protect the ball, things could capitulate quick for the Broncos.
Each team knows their strength. we will see how it will be display today for week four.

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