There is no easy win anymore in the NBA. It looks like every team got talent to score the ball. I know Lakers issue are all about the age of the guys. Looking at the Kings playing they can score as well. It all comes to outscore your opponent for four quarters.

This time Lakers did just that against them. It may seem obvious this year Lakers is the playoffs could be a dream. Never say never but it is hard to consume the idea without having AD building chemistry and giving other guys enough rest for a full 48 minutes.

LeBron is not getting younger. He took good care of his body and he is playing well. This is King James after all, showing a team he is the best right now.
Playing defense is something you see mostly in the playoffs. It is now about scoring as much as possible to win the game.

No need to worry about Westbrook always pushing the ball. Watching the Lakers playing you know this is the best you are going to get from them. Championship team, hard to swallow that. Thanks to the bubble, Lakers won with an asterisk. The league belongs to young guys pushing the ball and playing defense.

So far it is enjoyable to see LeBron playing. Who knows Bronnie will come in a couple to make first on top of a first for the NBA.
Lakers are over .500. The next five games should be a giving for the Lakers to distance from the bottom standings. Only Memphis could be a problem.
We will see if age is not a factor all the way through mid-January.
After all playing basket is a tiring sport. Going up and down, defending, scoring and if possible dunking.
How is your team doing?

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