Coming from behind Brady did find a way to pull the upset against the ill Jets. When you have studs playing the game you know only the final score will stand for the game. If you are a fan of American Football, the season should end today to prepare the playoffs.

Fortunately we have one week of mad Football in the circuit. This is week 18. Actually it is the same amount of games being played except now to begin the season, they played three pre-season games plus 18 regular season games. It gives many teams the opportunity to enter the playoffs.

While Bucs managed to pull the upset, #AB is returning back to himself. Leaving the game like it is a carnival and got cut at the end. This is a pattern with him these days. I would like to know if will he ever play for the NFL after all? By the way I hope he gets the help they claim he should get.

Bucs are missing key players this season. AB should help a lot in the receiving part of the game. Hopefully Evans stays healthy has to do the heavy lifting. Gronk should bring some relief as well in the long run.

Playoffs in the NFL just like any sport is where the fun start. One game either you go home or keep playing. As long Brady can see the field, hoping to see them advance really deep in the playoffs.
There is one problem, any team willing to make it through will have to go to the frozen tundra.
We will see.

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