A fan of the American Football will have a lasting opportunity to watch the biggest game of the season. Two teams with two Quaterbacks first time in the big game. It will be epic game I can tell.
Like they same offense wins game but defense wins Championship.

For LA Rams, this is another opportunity to show the Pleiades of talent they have onboard. Matthew Stafford, OBJ, Von Miller, Donald, Kupp and many more on the defensive ends like Ramsey I forgot to mention. This team is loaded to show the world, they are worthy to win it all.

This is a back to back home game for LA Rams. They are playing at home just like Tampa did it last year. Everyone maybe expect LA Rams to win. I hope it is not a blow out. Joe Burrow is playing second NFL season and he knows the way to the final game of the season.

The stats favored Rams from top to bottom. This game will have quite a few picks due to team trying to throw the ball to score a quick point.
Von Miller and Donald will rush Joe. I do not know what he can do after winning many times in the college playoffs.
It is not the same game.

Hope Stafford does not throw picks cause if he does, it is an opportunity for Burrow to set the stage and score TDs.
I am planning to watch the game.
Many folks are waiting for the half time show.

Did you know the entertainers of the Super bowl do play for free. It is considered free advertisement for them. It is so far the best show on earth.
More than 100 million folks will watch the game on TV.
It is super expensive to get a ticket, they are worth between $5000 to million.

You probably see how much AD did acquire a box for 18 folks. It was a lot of dough to be there. SOFI stadium is one the biggest for AM Football. It is a place for grandiloquence show. It is rival to the Dallas Cowboy stadium in magnitude.
So far I am not sure who will win everything.
I think Joe Burrow seal the deal if Rams play crappy.
It is for the taken. may the best team wins

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