If you watched any of the games, you know for sure there was no surprises on Saturday or Sunday. Maybe Bengals could surprise you since they have not won for the past 30 plus years. other than that it was as predicted.
Maybe I can recall everything by saying Cowboys could win also. 49ers was not going to lose that game whatsoever.

Cowboys did not impress me much. 3 quarters only 7 points cannot cut it in the playoffs. Dak as always inconsistent and average for the most part. Dallas has zero running game. Throw and throw. This is the most risky play in Football unless you are top elite QB. Dallas will go back to the drawing board knowing winning a Super bowl is not a giving.
You can see how reckless Jimmy G was in the fourth quarter breathing life to Dallas to win the game.
Alas as always Dallas made 14 mistakes and they do not know how to control the clock. I do not know why so many folks are happy they lost.
Someone got to win and it was 49ers with a strong running game.

Patriots got a whooping again.For the last two decade it used to be Brady and friends giving them the whooping. This time Bill and Jones cannot overcome the power of the new Bills offense by Josh Allen.
Bellichic is going to have a hard time to go ahead in the AFC going forward.
Division yes with Dolphins and Jets playing around but Bills will occupy the space from now on.

Bucs took care of business and I am glad Hurts did not hurt anyone. Is there more to say when Brady is playing great? No AB no problem and no drama. I bet you he is thinking how stupid he is right now.
Glad to see Bucs composed themselves and play great Football.

I save the best for last. Patrick Mahomes got a wake up call early. Sincerely it was a nice game but Steelers cannot compete at all. So the real test will be next weekend against the Bills. Mahomes scores 5 TD in 10 minutes.
This is incredible Football to watch.

Tonight Rams has to take care of business. Kyler in my opinion is not ready for primetime Football. He is getting there and he is learning the game. This is playoffs.
Half time 21-zip, I do not see any team coming back from that hole, even though it is possible.
Win or go home.

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